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Full support of PostgreSQL engine comes to Logica

Logica is a logic programming language designed for intuitive and efficient data manipulation, which we open sourced in 2020. It compiles to SQL, providing access to the power of SQL engines with the convenience of a logic programming syntax. When it was open sourced, Logica's only fully supported engine was BigQuery, a powerful data warehouse,...

Tue Sep 26, 2023 21:00
Showing Our Work: A Study In Understanding Open Source Contributors

In 2022, the research team within Google’s Open Source Programs Office launched an in-depth study to better understand open source developers, contributors, and maintainers. Since Alphabet is a large consumer of and contributor to open source, our primary goals were to investigate the evolving needs and motivations of open source contributors, and to...

Thu Sep 7, 2023 21:09
GSoC 2023: project results and feedback part 1

In 2023, Google Summer of Code brought 966 new contributors into open source software development to work with open source organizations on a 12+ week project. We had 168 participating open source organizations with mentors and contributors from over 75 countries this year. For 19 years, Google Summer of Code has thrived due to the enthusiasm...

Wed Sep 6, 2023 22:57
ChromeOS EC testing suite in Renode for consumer products

Besides main application cores that are directly exposed to the users, many industrial and consumer devices include embedded controllers, which, although fairly invisible to the user, perform critical system tasks such as power management, receiving and processing user input, or signals from sensors like thermal. Given their role in the...

Thu Aug 3, 2023 20:18
A vision for more efficient media management

Petit Press’ new open source, cloud-based DAM platform helps publishers get rich media content in front of their audience at pace and scale. Picture the scene: You’re an investigative journalist that has just wrapped up a new piece of video content that offers incisive, timely commentary on a pressing issue of the day. Your editor wants...

Mon Jul 31, 2023 21:19
Kubeflow joins the CNCF family

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone in the journey of the Kubeflow project. After a comprehensive review process and several months of meticulous preparation, Kubeflow has been accepted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an incubating project. This momentous step marks a new chapter in our collaborative and open approach...

Tue Jul 25, 2023 18:59

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