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How Dylan Jacob Scaled BrüMate to $100m+ in 5 Years

BrüMate is a lifestyle brand that sells insulated drinkware -- and its founder, Dylan Jacob, grew it to $100m+ in under 5 years.  More than 60% of that growth came in 2020, despite massive changes in consumer behavior and global supply chain shortages. Dylan broke down some of the keys to BrüMate’s meteoric rise for our Trends team.  Source:...

Mon May 20, 2024 18:25
7 Opportunities to Make Life Easier for New Moms (and Make Money)

Mother’s Day came and went, but the appreciation for all moms should not end there. And for anyone serious about starting a business, new moms represent a $46B market simply too big to ignore. As more Millennials (and older Gen Zers) approach this phase of life, we’ll see new products and solutions that adapt to the needs of modern moms. Source:...

Mon May 20, 2024 17:55
Lead vs. Prospect vs. Sales Opportunity: How To Move From One to Another?

After years of leading sales teams, I’ve experienced firsthand how businesses have unique needs and criteria to consider when identifying a sales opportunity. I’ve discovered it’s crucial to identify when a lead converts into an opportunity. This switch impacts your sales process, your ability to qualify, and your alignment with marketing. However,...

Wed May 15, 2024 20:40
Digital Scent: A $1.2B Market Primed for Innovation

To woo today’s consumers, 63% of whom crave multisensory experiences, companies are lining up to develop new technology that tickles the senses. Their next frontier? Our noses. The digital scent market is valued at $1.2B in 2023, and poised to double by the end of the decade. Source: Markets and Markets Early innovators include Google spinoff Osmo,...

Mon May 13, 2024 23:22
How to Use Battle Cards in Your Sales Process [Templates]

No, it’s not the board game Battleship — it’s better. Sales battle cards are here to ensure that you’re ahead of your competitors on pricing, features, and customer service. According to Crayon, 78% of competitive intelligence leaders enable their sellers with competitive battle cards. Sales battle cards ensure reps are well-versed in all things...

Mon May 13, 2024 17:02
How to Calculate Your Product's Actual (and Average) Selling Price

Why would a company purposefully sell items at the same (or different prices) only to average the selling prices later for reporting purposes? Well, the average selling price can reveal a lot about the health of a company. Read further to get a better understanding of the average selling price and how to calculate it for your business. Table...

Thu May 9, 2024 21:43

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