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A Well-Supplied Toolbox of Hardware Store Memes for Hard Workers LOLing Their Way Through the Project

If you can't laugh while you're on your 11th trip to the hardware store in one day, then you won't survive the project. 

Sun May 19, 2024 02:33
Exorbitant 'move out fee' totaling $1,484 prompts a renter to devise a plan to get back at her greedy ex-landlord: 'Nah, go to court'

Another day, another greedy landlord trying to collect.As if it wasn't enough to have your mortgage paid by others, landlords always try to scrape a little more off of the top for themselves. This landlord, however, is in for a harsh awakening when their latest tenant moves out. In an attempt to squeeze them dry one last time, this greedy dirtbag decided...

Sun May 19, 2024 02:10
'Finish putting the delivery away before anything else... Cue malicious compliance': Gas station worker refuses to prep food after following boss's directions

When you've been in the workforce long enough, you know that what the boss says, goes, no matter how hard you might roll your eyes about it. In some jobs, you have bosses that make you question how they ever got the job in the first place. They're the boss who constantly does things that seem wrong in the eyes of the other employees. Sometimes it might...

Sun May 19, 2024 00:54
'Need to find a husband ASAP': Top Tinder Moments of the Week (May 18, 2024)

As summer approaches, people seem to getting more and more desperate on dating apps. Seriously, if these screenshots of dating app conversations serve as any indication, then it's quite clear that a lot of y'all are looking for something to materialize as soon as possible. That something could be a committed relationship, an uncommitted situationship,...

Sun May 19, 2024 00:28
'He wanted to be the first one of the day': Entitled market owner delays trucker by 4 hours

This customer tried to get some petty payback on a company that he felt had wronged him. It didn't end well for him! Customers tend to fall into two groups when they've been wronged by an establishment. Let's say for example a customer buys a product, and it's faulty, and they try to return it. The store refuses and won't budge. The customer may get...

Sat May 18, 2024 23:10
Employee files complaint after boss is caught on video stealing her bag, HR sides with boss: 'She faced no consequences'

This workplace debacle pretty much epitomizes the idea that HR protects the employer, not the employees.When the evidence of wrongdoing is so definitive, it's hard to imagine the human resources department coming up with a justified reason to side with the boss. However, this team managed to side with her anyway. Here, we have an employee who caught...

Sat May 18, 2024 21:53

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