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Consumer Brands Are Leaving Trillions of Dollars Behind by Ignoring Women Over 40

In 2021, when I was 37, I became a first-time car owner, first-time homeowner and first-time parent within a three-month span. After nearly two decades spent living in wildly expensive cities and focusing on my education and career, a global pandemic ushered in the rise of remote work and allowed me to move out of...

Mon May 20, 2024 23:02
Sean Downey on How YouTube’s AI Delivers Ad Results and What’s Next for NFL Sunday Ticket

At its Brandcast TV upfront presentation last week, YouTube accomplished its event goals, sharing the stage with myriads of content creators, such as Zach King and Cleo Abram; showcasing brand case studies with Pepsi and Taco Bell; and closing the show with a performance by Billie Eilish. The platform also introduced tools to help brands...

Mon May 20, 2024 21:51
Exclusive: Sheryl Swoopes and Nike Assist Women’s Hoop Dreams at ACES Elite Classic

Sheryl Swoopes won an NCAA championship, three Olympic gold medals and four WNBA championships, but the star isn't planning to rest on any laurels. Off-court business and marketing opportunities in women's basketball are growing. Swoopes is helping to drive that even more, hosting the ACES Elite Classic All-American high school women's game this week....

Mon May 20, 2024 21:31
Why WBD’s Jon Steinlauf Is Pitching Streaming Debuts as Cultural Moments

Warner Bros. Discovery took the upfront stage last Wednesday amid a swirl of unknowns, including the fate of its NBA rights package, the future of the Venu sports streamer and the viability of its bundle alongside Disney. However, the company also made one thing particularly clear: After a writers' strike and a complex merger, WBD's...

Mon May 20, 2024 20:20
Some Advertisers Are Rebuilding Their Search Strategies as Google’s AI Search Engine Grows

Google has fundamentally transformed the online search experience with its AI search engine AI Overview, which incorporates videos and images, and encourages users to ask complex and detailed questions. While it's clear that traditional SEO methods will not work with AI-powered search (Max Gomez Montejo, CMO of digital marketing firm Next Net Media,...

Mon May 20, 2024 19:20
ID Bridging Debate Brings About New Transparency Standards From IAB Tech Lab

The IAB Tech Lab introduced standards earlier this month that aim to make the process of declaring an identifier more transparent--a hot-button issue that has been dividing the adtech community for months. Earlier this year, the buy side called out publishers and their tech partners for using deceptive practices to identify audiences. At the center...

Mon May 20, 2024 18:39

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