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QOTD: How Can Unions Break Through in the South?

The UAW scored a victory at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga earlier this year before falling short with Mercedes-Benz in Alabama last week. There were two big differences in the campaign. While both Tennessee are considered conservative red states, Chattanooga is a bit more blue than the state it's in. Volkswagen also stayed officially neutral...

Tue May 21, 2024 00:52
Report: Lamborghini's Details Wild New Hybrid V8

With literally every automaker currently in operation still hunting for ways to electrify their lineup, many have embraced hybridization as purely electric vehicles continue to polarize shoppers. But some were already heading this route, including performance brands that see the setup as a win in terms of both dynamic performance emissions compliance.Among...

Mon May 20, 2024 23:52
Used Car of the Day: 1995 Ford Thunderbird

Today we bring you some FoMoCo goodness -- a 1995 Ford Thunderbird. The word "Motorcraft" just surfaced from the deepest recesses of my mind. Our seller says very little about the car other than it runs and drives. The photos tell a story of a vehicle that needs some work, at least cosmetically, but I've seen much worse while working on this feature.If...

Mon May 20, 2024 21:50
Rivian Offers Deep Discounts on R1T Leases

Rivian’s vehicles might be popular and offer cool features, but they’re far from affordable. That will change, at least for lessees, for a little while, as the automaker is offering deep discounts on some models. The R1T’s lease prices go as low as $559, making it less expensive monthly than some full-size gas models. That price includes $7,500...

Mon May 20, 2024 20:50
Tesla is Doing Damage Control With Euro Fleet Buyers After Price Cuts Shave Residual Values

Fleet buyers usually get a better price than individuals because of the large volumes they purchase, but Tesla is offering deeper discounts to some European leasing companies after previous price cuts caused a significant decrease in the values of their vehicles. That, plus expensive repairs, have driven a wedge between the American automaker and...

Mon May 20, 2024 19:49
Workers at Mercedes-Benz's Alabama Plant Shut Down UAW Efforts - For Now

The United Autoworkers Union (UAW) scored a big win with the Tennessee-based VW plant’s vote to organize, but it’s not infallible. Last week, workers at Mercedes-Benz’s facility in Alabama voted against unionizing, with 56 percent saying they were against it. While the situation isn’t a total defeat for the UAW, it will have to wait a year to try...

Mon May 20, 2024 18:48

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