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Meta threatens to remove US news content if new law passes

Facebook's parent company says it will pull news from the platform in the US if a new media law passes.

Kirstie Alley: Emmy-winning Cheers actress dies of cancer at 71

The TV star also featured in the Look Who's Talking film series and the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Tampa police chief quits after trying to avoid golf cart ticket

Video shows Mary O'Connor being pulled over for driving an unlicensed vehicle on a public street.

Housing targets to be diluted after revolt from Tory MPs

The government has reached a deal with rebel MPs, who had backed a plan to ban mandatory targets in England.

'It started with a protest, but a revolution is taking shape': BBC identifies many more people killed in Iran’s protests

BBC journalists have been able to identify more people killed in Iran, and research confirmed that high numbers come from ethnic minority groups.

Nirbhaya 10 years on: The lives the Delhi gang rape changed

A horrific gang rape and murder shocked the world in 2012 - has anything changed for women in India?

BBC 100 Women marks 10th year with focus on progress

The innovative BBC season reflects on a decade of change in a tumultuous year which has seen women taking centre stage.

'They allow us to name something we know is wrong': The new words defining sexual abuse

From stealthing to downblousing, the coining of specific terms is allowing women around the world to share experiences of abuse that have traditionally gone unrecognised - but what is actually changing?

Was my mother the child of a Catholic priest?

Vivien Prior believes her mother is the secret child of a Catholic priest and wants to find the truth about her family.

A headache pill inspired my dissolving poo bags

George Greer came up with the idea after being shocked at the amount of plastic waste on the banks of a loch.

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