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6 Insurers Initiate New Cryptocurrency Investment Positions: Report

Insurance firms have increased their interest in crypto investments in recent months.

Human Protocol Expands hCaptcha Tool, Launches Wallet to Make AI Smarter

“Proof-of-HUMANity” could also thwart front-running DeFi bots.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Sustains ‘Musk Jump’ as Crypto Sentiment Improves

Bitcoin tests $40K following positive comments from Tesla's CEO Elon Musk and hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones.

Bitcoin and Ether Price Indicators Support Near-Term ‘Relief Rally’

Bitcoin's weekly stochastic oscillator has turned up from oversold or below -20 levels, a positive sign for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Fund Outflows Slow but Investors Start Exiting Ether Funds

The amount of money leaving was significantly less than the previous, record week of $141 million.

Goldman Sachs Plans to Offer Ether Options: Report

In March, the investment bank relaunched its cryptocurrency trading desk after a three-year hiatus.

China’s Xiong’an New Area Begins Using Digital Yuan for Salary Payments

The country is testing the currency in different pilots.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Flat at $37K as Investors Tangle With Bulls and Bears

Positive news from El Salvador couldn't completely overcome negative news out of China.

Next-Gen Game Developer Mythical Raises $75M for Playable NFTs

The funding round will offer external game developers a way to bring NFTs into their fictional worlds.

DAOs, DeFi and Dollars: the Bold New World of Decentralized Entities

In this week’s episode, we explore how developers and investors are working through the complex process of bridging the human and legal needs of the outside world with these complex, decentralized systems run by blockchains, automated smart contracts, “multisig” tokenized collateral agreements.

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