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Foxes Playing With Extra Fluffy Newly Rescued Fox Cub (Video)

Get ready for some extra cuteness to make your day the best day. What you're about to see involves so much fluff, so much playfulness, so much adorableness. When the amazing SaveAFox fox sanctuary rescued the newest, fluffiest and most adorable fox cub, she was welcomed with open arms. The iconic Finnegan Fox and Vixie have taken on the role of adoptive...



oh noooo

Fab Frenchie Is Never Spotted Without Signature Accessory, A Bucket Hat (Photo Shopped)

We all have that one piece from our wardrobe that simply makes us feel like ourselves. It might be a belt, a necklace, a funky sock. Without these items, we can practically feel naked. For this fabulous french-bulldog puppy, @Fridathefabfrenchie_, it is indubitably her signature bucket hat. You can try, but you won't catch this paw-dorable pup without...

Grumpy Dogs Outperform Friendly Dogs On Some Learning Tests

Potential dog adopters may want to consider the attributes they value in doggos. The New York Times recently reported that 'In a recent study in Hungary, researchers found that dogs with personality characteristics they had grouped under the "grumpy" heading were better able to learn from a stranger than more easygoing dogs…This is admittedly a limited...

Heartwarming And Uplifting Doggo Posts And Pics

It's been a ruff week, we know, but it's finally come to an end. To celebrate, we've decided that we need some extra good vibes in our life- some pawsitivity and wholesomeness to calm us down after all the madness and difficulties of the week. And what better way is there to do that then with some heartwarming and wholesome dog posts?The one thing that...

Collection of Wacky Owl Pics For A Better Afternoon

Smart! Stealthy! Adorable?? Owls are not animals that we generally refer to as adorable, but these wacky souls have captured our attention, and our hearts. From their silly facial expressions, wacky body gestures, to their sweet smiles, these creatures are awwmazing! Just have a look for yourselves. Owls are determined animals, they move with strength...

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (May 14)

IT's time for your weekly twitter recap, you crazy cat people. Get your Friday started off on the right paw by doing what ever cat person should do - checking out the best of the best of cat twitter. You must keep up with all the cat news, that's part of the deal. That's the only way to ensure that your weekend will be absolutely purrfect.Don't worry...

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