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2022 BALANCE calendar

Life, in many ways, is a balancing act. How can we achieve balance among work, family, friends and ourselves? "BALANCE" is a special 3D calendar in magnetic cubes with which you can find your own equilibrium by creating all kinds of exquisite shapes. Embrace a healthy and balanced life from now on!


Smart city congress

The 1st Spanish Network of Smart Cities National Congress, held in Valencia, involves the sharing of trends, good practices and challenges presented by smart cities. An image that reflects the technological, but at the same time the citizen. Cities at the service of people and not the other way around. Hence, the protagonism is in the profiles of human...

A Jurassic Kingdom, Lots of Bugs and Horses Galloping

A few personal illustrations made in 2021. Two collaged risograph prints and some drawn on my iPad. The last print with the Aye-Aye (animal) and the bugs was made for Wobby Club, a risograph zine you can still order, you can find the print in my webshop.

Wired: The Texas Town That Bet on Bitcoin and Lost

2021 MEP : vivify (object)

2021 Membership Emergence Project "Vivify (Object)" is an exhibition of stories which shines light on the thoughts of members of Samsung Design Membership. In MEP "Vivify (Object)", the members of Samsung Design Membership not only discover the other side of an object, but also explores on the true value they carry. In the process of exploration,...

Polka Play


Australian utility SaaS business, Neara (formerly Power Lines Pro), reached us to develop the new brand identity to serve as the umbrella company under which the different products and services would live. We worked on the transition of Power Lines Pro to the umbrella company "Neara" developing the new brand positioning, architecture, and visual identity....

???????Mr. Otter 's wedding

Cold World.

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