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8 Cars The New Audi RS3 Can Match From 0-62mph

Despite gaining no power, the new RS3 is three tenths faster to 62mph than the old one, making it as fast as many more exotic beasts

Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition Review: The Best Vantage Yet, At A Price

The F1 Edition brings welcome tweaks to the Vantage, but it seems expensive compared to a Porsche 911

The New 473bhp Porsche 911 GTS Has 992 Turbo Bits And Less Sound Proofing

The 992-generation 911 has spawned the anticipated Carrera GTS derivative, with more power, better brakes and chassis upgrades

Subaru BRZ Driver's 11-Minute Thrash Valued At £5500 In Fines And 50 Points

New South Wales police filmed a BRZ driver's late-night escapades, which would have worked out at $10,000 (Aus) had he been fined for each infraction individually

Richard Hammond Has A New TV Show About Classic Cars

Richard Hammond’s Workshop on Discovery+ will follow the former Top Gear presenter as he tries to establish a classic car restoration business

The New Audi RS3 Does 0-62mph In 3.8s, Has A Drift Mode

Audi has revealed a load of technical info for the new RS3, including details of its 'RS Torque Splitter'

This £16k Peugeot RCZ R Is Rarer Than A Ferrari 488 Pista

Only 305 RCZ Rs came to the UK, but they're worth seeking out, particularly now these coupes are half the price they were originally

The Aston Martin DBS Can Sound As Good As A Pagani Zonda With A Little Work

Freddy 'Tavarish' Hernandez has stuck a $4000 Velocity AP exhaust system on his DBS, and the results are rather agreeable...

Automatic Fast & Furious Toyota Supra Sells For $550k At Auction

The 'Stunt 1' Supra from The Fast and the Furious, which was one of only two cars driven by Paul Walker, went for over half a million dollars at a Barrett-Jackson auction

The Tesla Model S Has Hit 60mph In 1.99s But Under Very Specific Conditions

Engineering Explained goes through why the headline-grabbing Model S Plaid isn’t quite as fast as Tesla says it is

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