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Neighbors Borrow Chairs Without Asking, Break Them

Whoever said to love thy neighbor wasn't thinking about these extremely petty things neighbors did. Typically it's parking related, like this HOA member who got a neighbor's car towed, then had the favor returned. This time the internet weighed in on the prospect of demanding chair repayment. But also, like, who just jacks someone's crap?

Belly Dancing Owner Stuns Gordon Ramsay

Um, you know you've hit a new high or low in life when you're on a show like Kitchen Nightmares, and you've somehow managed to stun the Gordon Ramsay. Talk about a surreal dining experience. 

Guy Gets Cab Ride In Driverless Car In Phoenix, Arizona

The future is now, folks. Many years ago if you were out and about talking about the impending reality of sharing the road with driverless cars you'd have been labeled delusional. Yet now, here we are. The car itself puts on quite the impressive show when it comes to how smoothly it's able to navigate the road. 

Tricky Bridge Claims Yet Another Unsuspecting Truck's Roof

Just in case you were unaware, the 11foot8+8 bridge has developed quite the notorious reputation online for its track record of claiming the roofs of trucks that fail to properly map out the height of the bridge vs. the height of the truck. Fortunately, it doesn't appear as if anyone is getting injured in the process. Just some blows to the egos. 

Bridesmaid Sets Boundaries With Bride-To-Be, Sends Her Into Irrational Rage

Okay, there's just always going to be something about weddings that brings out people's crazy sides. It could be the fact the event itself is hyped up to such an extent that it invites people's irrational, inner perfectionist side to come join the party. The thing about trying to do anything perfect in this life is that it's impossible. You can pretty...

Dad Breaks Out The Big Boat To Handle Lake Rascals

We love a good old-fashioned petty revenge where a dad gets fed up with someone's tomfoolery, and proceeds to enact a masterful petty revenge. In this case, we have a couple traditional troublemakers stirring up all kinds of mayhem at the lake. There's something about the lake where it just serves as this magnet for attracting some very far out individuals. 

Biggest Surprises People Experienced When Travelling

We all have preconceived notions of the places we hear about. "Paris is romantic" we think, before stepping off the plane and onto a rat who works nights as a chef. "Venice is also romantic" we think, before our gondola crashes into a fellow tourist and the gondola guys get into a naval fistfight. Every time we travel, we have an opportunity to learn.

"Ex Military Intelligence" Expects Internet Without Power

It seems like so frustratingly often that the very people that go out of their way to assure everyone that they know what they're doing, are actually hopelessly lost. In this case, it sounds like the "ex military intelligence" on staff could very likely have been making that whole prior life experience up. Like, how do you end up in a situation where...

Twitter Thread: People's Biggest Flops At Work

We all endure our off days. Some days are filled with more fails than others. It can feel as if the universe itself is proactively working against you. But hey, it's all about recognizing that to be a human being and exist in a world that by its very nature is spontaneous, is to always be susceptible to making mistakes. We can bond through the collective...

Tumblr Thread: A Summer Camp Book Inspires Translation Fails

We love some good old fashioned translation fails. In this case, we have a funny little Tumblr thread shining light on a series of translation fails that resulted from trying to translate an English book from summer camp. Yes, it would certainly be terrifying if you were trying to chill at summer camp and had a ton of tiny wolves (chipmunks) running...

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