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20 Essential Tips for Beginner Photographers

Being a beginner at anything is daunting at first and photography is far from an exception. With such depth and technical knowledge, it can be overwhelming, so here are 20 essential tips that can help those photographers just starting out. [ Read More ]

A Coffee Break Photography Quiz

How well do you know photography? Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of all things camera-related. I doubt anyone else can get them all right apart from you. Settle down with a cup of coffee and give it a go. [ Read More ]

Photography Mistakes I Made as a Beginner

You'll make countless mistakes as a professional photographer. This is how we grow as artists and entrepreneurs, and I encourage experimenting with your marketing and photography. I'm certain someone will object, but show the person without mistakes, and I'll show you a person who has accomplished very little. [ Read More ]

Incredible Abstract Lava Drone Photography in Iceland

Gudmann and Gyda, both native Icelandic photographers, decided to leave the drone at home on their first few trips to the new volcanic eruption. But this time they headed back with their drone to capture some incredible aerial footage and abstract shots of the lava flow. [ Read More ]

How a Few Words Tossed in the Background Reminded Me of an Important Requirement for Photographers

Sometimes, photography, like life itself, can be a dance of one step forward and two steps back. So, allow me to divert from the nuts and bolts of camera gear for a moment to talk about something just as important to sustaining a career. [ Read More ]

What You Need to Know About ND Filters for Photography

ND filters are some of the most commonly used photography accessories out there, and they are great for both creative and technical applications. If you have not used them before, this great video will show you how they work and what they are useful for. [ Read More ]

Comparing the Video Quality Between the Canon EOS R5 and Sony a1

The Sony a1 and Canon EOS R5 are two of the most powerful cameras out there, both offering impressive 8K video capabilities among other features. How do they compare on the video front? This excellent video review discusses the video capabilities of both after six months of usage. [ Read More ]

We Review the Sony FE 14mm f/1.8 G Master Ultra-Wide Angle Prime Lens

The new Sony G Master wide lens is quite unique. Is it worth checking out? [ Read More ]

More Canon Lenses Are on the Way

Canon has been impressing with their RF lenses, which offer fantastic image quality and push the boundaries of design to interesting and useful new heights. They look like they are showing no signs of stopping, with news of more new designs being readied for announcement popping up on the radar. [ Read More ]

6 Tips for Shooting Better Natural Light Portraits

Natural light is popular and has been divisive at times, but when used properly, it can lead to some beautiful images. Here are six tips to help you take better portraits without artificial light. [ Read More ]

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