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Want More Clarity on Generative AI? Experiment Widely

Thomas Kuhlenbeck / Ikon Images The launch of generative AI represents an era-defining moment. Never before have so many people become so excited by a technology program. Within five days of ChatGPT’s release in November 2022, more than 1 million people (including me) had logged on to try it out. If financial investments are a predictor of...

Mon Oct 2, 2023 15:04
Sound Business: The Promise of Audio Machine Learning Technologies

Carolyn Geason-Beissel/MIT SMR | Getty Images Sounds are everywhere — the chatter and babble of humans and animals, the whirring and thrumming of machines, the background hum of the natural environment, and the murmur of bees on a summer day. These sounds provide crucial input to our decision-making, whether as pedestrians crossing the road...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 15:21
Thorny Talent and AI Challenges Now: 5 Experts Speak

If you ask leaders about their toughest leadership challenges right now, you’ll hear wide-ranging concerns about both talent management and artificial intelligence. Seeking fresh insights and advice for leaders on both topics, we spoke with MIT Sloan Management Review authors at the most recent Academy of Management (AOM) event in Boston. This...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 20:59
How to Have Better Strategy Conversations About Monetizing Data

Carolyn Geason-Beissel/MIT SMR | Getty Images Companies can’t manage what they don’t measure. They also can’t manage what they can’t discuss. Take the term data monetization: Definitions range from the narrowly focused “selling data sets” to the overly broad “creating benefits from data.” Too little consistency among curricula in academia and...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 14:39
Halt Impostor Syndrome Before It Happens

Carolyn Geason-Beissel/MIT SMR | Getty Images Isabela is an associate at a global management consulting firm, where she started working shortly after earning an MBA from a top business school. Her strong analytical and quantitative skills, coupled with her interpersonal and communication skills, have garnered Isabela high performance ratings....

Tue Sep 26, 2023 14:47
Reconnecting When Network Ties Go Dormant

Carolyn Geason-Beissel/MIT SMR We’ve known for a while that relationships that have fallen into a state of inactivity — or become dormant ties — can be resurrected. As people venture back into professional social settings after having experienced pandemic-induced disconnection, they are particularly keen to revive these inactive ties. Such...

Mon Sep 25, 2023 15:20

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