The oatmeal tastes better than stale skittles found under the couch cushions
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I posted some new animations

I've posted a couple of new animated cartoons about microwaves, cuddling, and wombats.View on my website

Tue Sep 12, 2023 01:35
How my pets see me

I created a little animation about how I see my pets versus how they see me. View on my website

Wed Aug 23, 2023 21:01
I made some animated shorts

Watch the very first Oatmeal cartoons.View on my website

Mon Aug 14, 2023 21:13
Good vs Evil

I have an update about my Netflix show.View on my website

Fri Aug 4, 2023 22:43
I'm thinking of a word. Try to guess what it is.

I coded a daily word-guessing game.View on my website

Mon Apr 17, 2023 18:17
Horrible Therapist - Random Comic Generator

The images here are picked randomly, so they might be nonsensical and/or terrible. View on my website

Tue Jan 10, 2023 00:36

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