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Watch woodpecker destroy hidden camera one obnoxious peck at a time

You’ve probably seen or heard a woodpecker in action at some point; they’re the small birds that can spend hours driving everyone in the vicinity to madness with incessant taps against trees or wood buildings. What you probably haven’t seen is what it looks like to be the object subjected to the woodpecker’s wrath — until now, that is. A … Continue...

Surprise hit Cruel Summer gets second season, but with one big mystery

Surprise Freeform hit drama series Cruel Summer will return for a second season, but it may not look the same when it arrives. It’s still-to-be-determined whether the show will return with the same cast and a continuing storyline or if it will leave behind the Turner-Wallis saga and start fresh with a new cast and an entirely new story. Cruel … Continue...

Thanos returns to Fortnite: How to get the skin and back bling for free

Supervillain Thanos is returning to Fortnite yet again, this time in the form of a new tournament open to all players. Called the Thanos Cup, this new non-cash tournament will give players the chance to unlock the Thanos skin and related back bling for free. You’ll need a partner to compete as the Thanos Cup is Duos only. Thanos has … Continue reading

Frasier 2022 revival cast teased with notes on Martin

An interview with Kelsey Grammer revealed a few previously rumored details about the next chapter for Frasier Crane. Some cast members will not be returning – most notably John Mahoney, who passed away in the year 2018. As Mahoney portrayed a main character in the main Frasier series, the first episode will deal with the subject of the death of … Continue...

2021 Volkswagen Jetta Review: Sober Value

Volkswagen would probably call the 2021 Jetta “pragmatic,” and rationality certainly is the name of the game for one of the most affordable cars on the market right now. A mainstay of the compact sedan segment since 1979, the Jetta always promised a balance between the playful Golf and the grown-up Passat. These days, though, the Jetta may have matured...

The biggest (and strangest) moments of E3 2021

E3 2021 has wrapped, and it’s safe to say that it was a fairly up and down show. The event was home to some major announcements presented side-by-side with segments that felt like they didn’t really fit the typical E3 schedule. Despite the awkwardness that comes with transitioning a show that normally takes place in-person to an entirely online one,...

YouTube on iOS PiP makes it much easier to watch videos while multitasking

YouTube is now rolling out the ability for all users to watch videos with picture-in-picture mode, which reduces the video players to a small floating screen on one’s phone or tablet. This feature won’t be limited to only premium customers as some had previously speculated, though those premium customers will get access to the PiP support first. Android...

MacBook Pro M1X and Mac mini may release Intel from service in 2021

The release date for a new M1X version of the MacBook Pro from Apple, along with a new Mac mini appear to be headed for a special event. It’s been rumored that the most powerful and updated Mac mini with M1X chip inside will be revealed at an event in the forth quarter of this year, 2021. It’s also tipped … Continue reading

Google Maps and your business: Time to check it, now, today

It’s time to take a peek at how you and your business appear on Google Maps – and the rest of the internet. This isn’t just about having your own web page, and it’s not about updating your “under construction” Facebook group. It’s about seeing your business through the eyes of the everyday potential customer – and seeing how messy … Continue reading

Ring Car Cam leaks: This could be Amazon’s Alexa dash-cam

Details and what appears to be an image of Ring’s upcoming Car Cam have leaked, with the connected dash cam expected to add security both when the vehicle is parked and while it’s on the move. The newest addition to Ring’s line-up was actually announced in September 2020 as part of Amazon’s big device launch, though at the time no … Continue reading

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