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McMaster nursing student graduates after family overcomes domestic abuse, shelter living

“It was in the middle of the school year [and] we didn’t have anywhere to stay. It was in the middle of winter and I had no idea what to do.”

Quebec TV producer Luc Wiseman charged with sex assault against minor

He was not required to be present for the brief hearing and was represented by his lawyer, with the case adjourned until Sept. 7.

18 more hand sanitizers added to Health Canada’s growing recall list

Some of the recalled hand sanitizers contained ingredients not permitted by the agency, and were either being sold without proper product testing or were counterfeit.

Officer says RCMP and Saskatoon police gave Steven Rigby conflicting info during standoff

One officer described 'frustrating' communication problems between RCMP and Saskatchewan police during a standoff with Steven Rigby.

Mayor Tory to review forced eviction of Trinity Bellwoods Park homeless encampments

Tory says the large police presence and private security was necessary to keep city workers safe as they tried to persuade about 20 people to leave the park and move to a shelter.

Alberta to announce plan to search residential schools sites across the province

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Minister of Indigenous Relations Rick Wilson are scheduled to speak at 11 a.m. Their news conference will be streamed live in this post.

Sobeys’ parent paid workers $9M in COVID-19 lockdown bonuses in latest quarter

Empire, the parent of Sobeys and Safeway, reported a dip in sales and profits in its latest quarter.

Theodore Too wades through the waters of la belle province

'It's great to be here meeting and seeing all of you,' the vessel wrote in a bilingual message posted to its social media account.

Fire at Battersea general store under investigation: OPP

OPP ask anyone with information about a fire at a Battersea general store Tuesday night to come forward.

Dalhousie University board of governors approve building new on-campus arena

The new centre will bring a new arena and community recreation facility to Halifax’s Studley Campus.

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