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Medicago to cease operations in Quebec, scuttling COVID-19 vaccine production plans

Medicago has shut down its COVID-19 vaccine project in Quebec after its sole shareholder decided to no longer invest in the company, the company announced Thursday.

Drastic action needed from B.C. government regarding looming labour shortage: report

Currently, the board said Vancouver has 150,000 existing job vacancies and has a projected 700,000 workers set to retire over the next ten years.

Calgary hopes to freeze invasive fish species out of city ponds

Quick to breed, without natural predators and with survival tricks up their scaled sleeves, Prussian carp and goldfish are the primary culprits the city are trying to deal with.

Global News at 6 Lethbridge: Feb 2

Global News at 6 Lethbridge from February 2, 2023

New electronic fare collection system in the works for B.C. transit riders

BC Transit plans to move in a new direction when it comes to how riders pay fares. A new electronic fare system will be similar to what Metro Vancouver has been using.

Lethbridge’s historic Bow On Tong building demolished after Tuesday fire

The building was constructed in 1919, and was used as an apothecary since the mid 1920s.

Inventory increase suggests Hamilton area looking better for first-time buyers: RAHB

Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington say final sales numbers for January are pointing to a shift in the market that may indicate stability despite rising interest rates.

Cold snap: What to know as parts of Canada braces for extreme winter weather

With temperatures expected to hit deep negatives in some parts of Canada, people are being urged to stay warm and plan ahead to keep themselves as well as their pets safe.

Global News at 5:30 Montreal: February 2.

The February 2, 2023 edition of Global News at 5:30 on Global Montreal.

Global News at 6 New Brunswick: February 2

Global News at 6 New Brunswick from Feb 2, 2023.

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