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China to fully resume travel with Hong Kong, Macau, scrapping COVID-19 protocols

Hong Kong dropped most of its remaining COVID rules in December, but mask-wearing remains mandatory unless exercising, and students must take daily rapid antigen tests.

At least 17 dead after bus-truck collision in Pakistan, official says

A head-on collision between a passenger bus and a speeding truck trailer near a tunnel in northwest Pakistan overnight killed at least 17 passengers.

Homicide officers called to Burnaby, B.C. to investigate fatal shooting

Burnaby RCMP said officers received a report that a body was found inside a vehicle on Mulberry Place around noon Thursday in Burnaby, B.C.

Vancouver non-profit helps Black entrepreneurs build their businesses

The organization, Black Entrepreneurs and Businesses of Canada is holding a free Black Business Summit on Feb. 24 and 25 for everyone who is interested.

Medicago to cease operations in Quebec, scuttling COVID-19 vaccine production plans

Medicago has shut down its COVID-19 vaccine project in Quebec after its sole shareholder decided to no longer invest in the company, the company announced Thursday.

Drastic action needed from B.C. government regarding looming labour shortage: report

Currently, the board said Vancouver has 150,000 existing job vacancies and has a projected 700,000 workers set to retire over the next ten years.

ALERT interrupts child sexual exploitation in Airdrie, Alta.

A 26-year-old man has been charged after an investigation revealed the sexual abuse of a young child in Airdrie, Alta.

Vernon, B.C. store owner calls for stricter penalties against illegal cigarette dealers

The loss of sales however doesn’t just hurt convenience stores. Illicit trade takes millions of dollars away in provincial tax revenue that support B.C. social programs.

Calgary hopes to freeze invasive fish species out of city ponds

Quick to breed, without natural predators and with survival tricks up their scaled sleeves, Prussian carp and goldfish are the primary culprits the city are trying to deal with.

Indigenous fashion designer fundraises for international opportunity

Jill Setah has been invited to attend the Night at the Museum: Guilded Guilded Glamour Charity Gala at the Oxford University Museum Natural History on Feb. 24 to show her designs.

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