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Why We Still Need Twitter: How Social Media Holds Companies Accountable

Remember the viral video of the United passenger being removed from a plane? An analysis of Twitter activity and corporate misconduct by Jonas Heese and Joseph Pacelli reveals the power of social media to uncover questionable situations at companies.

Will Hybrid Work Strategies Pull Down Long-Term Performance?

Many academics consider remote and hybrid work the future, but some business leaders are pushing back. Can colleagues working from anywhere still create the special glue that bonds teams together? asks James Heskett.

Can Insurance Technology Solve the Uninsured Driver Problem?

High fees prevent many drivers from buying auto insurance—often with catastrophic consequences. Raymond Kluender offers a novel way to make coverage affordable and roads safer: Let drivers pay for only the days they drive.

It’s Not All About Pay: College Grads Want Jobs That ‘Change the World’

Many college graduates will accept lower salaries for roles that have the potential to give back to society, says research by Letian Zhang. Could trading pay for altruism help shrink the income gap?

Addressing Racial Discrimination on Airbnb

Have We Lost Sight of Integrity?

Elizabeth Holmes. Sam Bankman-Fried. George Santos. The list of leaders caught trying to con the public keeps getting longer, often with dire consequences, says Bill George. Do we no longer value the truth?

Passion at Work Is a Good Thing—But Only If Bosses Know How to Manage It

Does showing passion mean doing whatever it takes to get the job done? Employees and managers often disagree, says research by Jon Jachimowicz. He offers four pieces of advice for leaders who yearn for more spirit and intensity at their companies.

After High-Profile Failures, Can Investors Still Trust Credit Ratings?

Rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody's, have been criticized for not warning investors of risks that led to major financial catastrophes. But an analysis of thousands of ratings by Anywhere Sikochi and colleagues suggests that agencies have learned from past mistakes.

What Makes Employees Trust (vs. Second-Guess) AI?

While executives are quick to adopt artificial intelligence, front-line employees might be less willing to take orders from an algorithm. Research by the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard sheds light sheds light on what it takes for people to get comfortable with machine learning.

8 Trends to Watch in 2023

Quiet quitting. Inflation. The economy. This year could bring challenges for executives and entrepreneurs, but there might also be opportunities for focused leaders to gain advantage, say Harvard Business School faculty members.

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