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Changing Someone’s Mind: A Powerful New Approach

The more you allow people to participate in the process, the more effective you’ll be in convincing them to make certain choices, Wharton’s Jonah Berger says in this Nano Tool for Leaders®.

Will a Global Minimum Corporate Tax Work?

Coordination among countries will be critical to ensure that some don’t undercut the G7 nations’ proposed 15% minimum corporate tax, say Wharton experts.

Vaccine Passports: Why the Market Should Decide

In this opinion piece, Robert Field argues that the market, not state laws, should determine whether businesses can require proof of vaccination by customers and staff.

The Robots Are Coming. Is Your Firm Ready?

Forget the dystopian vision of robots replacing humans at work. A new study co-authored by Wharton’s Lynn Wu shows how automation is increasing the demand for workers, even though it’s driving down the need for managers.

Why Engine No. 1’s Victory Is a Wake-up Call for ExxonMobil and Others

Companies that fail to convincingly address social or environmental risks face erosion of business valuation, says Wharton’s Witold Henisz.

How ‘Megaproviders’ Keep Health Care Costs High

In their new book ‘Big Med,’ David Dranove and Wharton’s Lawton R. Burns look at the rise of megaproviders -- expansive health care organizations -- and their role in runaway costs.

How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Wharton’s Raghuram Iyengar explains three major challenges to omnichannel marketing and what firms can do to overcome them.

The Opportunities and Dangers of Decentralizing Finance

Decentralized finance -- or DeFi -- has experienced explosive growth in the past year. But in order for DeFi to fulfill its promise as a disintermediated ecosystem that helps rather than harms, “now is the time to evaluate its benefits and dangers,” write Kevin Werbach and David Gogel.

How Companies Can Navigate Political Risks Successfully

Companies are facing heightened political risks across the globe but are mostly unprepared to handle them. A new EY-Wharton Political Risk Lab study offers firms guidance on how to manage these risks more proactively.

How to Bring Your Conscience to Work

Wharton professor G. Richard Shell’s latest book, 'The Conscience Code,' teaches employees and managers how to stand up for their values and create a more ethical workplace.

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