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The Deep Sea Is Filled with Treasure, but It Comes at a Price

We’ve barely explored the darkest realm of the ocean. With rare-metal mining on the rise, we’re already destroying it. Elizabeth Kolbert | New Yorker | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

Shot in the Dark

Gulfport police killed a Black veteran. His family waits for answers. Margaret Baker | Sun Herald | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

History as End

1619, 1776, and the politics of the past Matthew Karp | Harper's | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

Is There Something Wrong With the Air in South Portland, Maine?

Residents have lived near more than 100 massive petroleum storage tanks for decades, never really knowing if they’re breathing in dangerous chemicals. Now they’re fighting to find out. Kathryn Miles | Boston Globe Magazine | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

My Father Vanished When I Was 7. The Mystery Made Me Who I Am.

My dad was a riddle to me, even more so after he disappeared. For a long time, who he was—and by extension who I was—seemed to be a puzzle I would never solve. Nicholas Casey | New York Times Magazine | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

The Lab Leak Theory Doesn’t Hold Up

The rush to find a conspiracy around the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins is driven by narrative, not evidence. Justin Ling | Foreign Policy | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

If We Can Soar: What Birmingham Roller Pigeons Offer the Men of South Central

In 1970 South Central, pigeon fancying was serious business. But there’s a deeper story behind why these Black Angelenos are entering their fifth and sixth decade raising Birmingham Roller pigeons. Shanna B. Tiayon | Pipe Wrench | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

Shark Attacks in Maine Were Unthinkable — Until Last Summer

Last year’s first-ever fatal shark attack jolted Mainers into acknowledging that great whites regularly swim off the state’s shores—and that there’s plenty about them we don’t know. Kathryn Miles | Down East | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

Longform Podcast #444: Dan Rather

Dan Rather is a journalist, author, and the former anchor of CBS Evening News. ”I knew that being named to succeed Walter Cronkite would put me in a position of inhaling—every day—a kind of NASA-grade rocket fuel for the ego. And that could be dangerous…. In the end, when the red light goes on, it's just you. You're by yourself.… And the longer...

Airbnb's Nightmare

When things go horribly wrong during a stay, the company’s secretive safety team jumps in to soothe guests and hosts, help families—and prevent PR disasters. Olivia Carville | Bloomberg Businessweek | Jun 2021 [Full Story]

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