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Ataboy Celebrates the Art of Dance on Film with Collaborative Video Series for Art Cake

Director Corydon Wagner bands together with notable NYC choreographers to make visions of movement come to life in new five-part series.

Plenty More, a new agency model for a post pandemic world.

The natural evolution of our world has been speeding up and we are no longer the same. The creative industry isn’t the same either: we need to change.

Giantstep Creates Epic Cinematic Trailer For “Quantum Knights” Video Game

Creative technology company Giantstep recently partnered with LINE Games and Space Dive Games to create a CG trailer for Quantum Knights, a new online third-person shooter game set in a medieval fantasy world where magic and firearms exist. Setting the stage for the 2022 release of Quantum Knights, the cinematic trailer revolves around a great battle...

Northforge deliver animated film to highlight the plight of caged bears in Armenia

Leeds based studio Northforge have written, animated and delivered the moving film ‘Break the Cage’ for the charitable organisation International Animal Rescue. Hoping to shed light on the appalling situation faced by caged bears in Armenia, the film is both poignant and beautifully crafted.

Award-Winning Production Company Caravan Adds Accomplished Commercial/Brand Storytelling Expert Thom Blackburn in Executive Producer Role

An exciting new chapter is beginning for full-service, award-winning commercial production company Caravan, where commercial/ brand storytelling expert Thom Blackburn has just come onboard in the role of Executive Producer. The announcement was made by company Founder/Executive Producer Jon Muedder and Partner/Head of Creative Bernardo Marentes.

Celebrating the 2020 Winners | Story

Jola Bańkowska's Story is a multi-award-winning series of surreal and juxtaposing vignettes that reflect on a modern age of omnipresent technology.

Across the Pond + Art & Graft | The Quantum Frontier now is part of the Psyop family

Psyop is excited to announce that the highly esteemed creative animation studio has officially joined their roster.

Barenaked Ladies Share Animated Graphic Novel Music Video for ‘New Disaster’

Last week, the multi-platinum band Barenaked Ladies announced that their 16th studio album Detour de Force will be released on July 16, and shared the topical new single "New Disaster", which focuses on the craze and impact of the 24/7 news cycle. Today they share an animated video for the new single to go alongside the track's timely subject matter.

Being Queer in… Production

Over the last twenty years, my work, my sexuality, and my heritage have intertwined to inform my creativity and drive me on my mission to help serve the communities I am a part of. But it wasn’t always like that…

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