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‘Onward’ Previewed At The D23 Expo: A Comedic Fantasy Adventure That Will Probably Make You Cry

Given that Onward is less than seven months away, there is a lot that we didn’t know about the film, other than it taking place in a world where magic had become less popular, while technology took over. Today at the D23 Expo, though, the film’s cast and crew blew the curtain away and unveiled […]

‘Soul’ Will Tackle The Most Difficult Metaphysical Question, Stars Pixar’s First Black Lead

Right before the release of Toy Story 4 a few months back, Pixar surprised us with the announcement of one of their 2020 films. It would be Soul, directed by Pete Docter, who last directed the magnificent Inside Out. There are high expectations for Soul because of how good Docter’s last films have been, which […]

Preview: Get Hyped For D23 Expo 2019, It Will Be Jam-Packed With Disney Teases And Surprises

Disney has never been bigger. On top of that, the company is expected to grow its reach, as its streaming platform, Disney+, will make its debut later this year. The Netflix competitor will not only be home to films from studios including Pixar, Disney Animation, Lucasfilm, and Marvel – there are original projects on the […]

New ‘Toy Story 4’ Posters Are Vibrant And Beautiful

Usually when a film is released, there are a few posters that the studio releases. Sadly, many of these posters start to blend together after a while. I love the artist community that gives us fresh takes on these films, using unique styles to tell a story. Toy Story 4 has already seen a great […]

‘Toy Story 4’ – Free Printable Activities For Families And Kids

We have officially entered the week of Toy Story 4’s release. The Toy Story franchise has always appealed to both adults and children, so odds are that people across age groups are looking forward to seeing the film. If you need something to do to pass the time, especially if you have children, we have […]

Tom Hanks Says ‘Toy Story 4’ Is One Of The Best Movies He’s Ever Seen

Toy Story 4 is the sequel to what is considered one of the greatest trilogies of all time. The Toy Story franchise has yet to have a dud or even a subpar film, as all of the previous films have been beloved by both critics and audiences around the world. Some may view one as […]

There Is No Pixar Short Playing With ‘Toy Story 4’

In the 1980s and 1990s, before Pixar released Toy Story, the studio was known for producing animated shorts and commercials that led to the popularity of computer animation. The reason why shorts and ads were the preferred space for Pixar was that the animation was cutting edge at the time and many of the short […]

Bring ‘Toy Story 4’ Characters Into The Real World With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is hot right now. So many major tech companies are investing heavily on the technology, betting that it is the next big thing. Apple has devoted major sections of its keynotes in recent years to discuss breakthroughs in the tech. Pixar had to make the jump into the space eventually – the time […]

‘Toy Story 4’ Has Easter Eggs That Reference Every Single Pixar Film

In addition to being known for creating films that can make people of all ages weep, Pixar is seen as a master of easter eggs. Whenever a new Pixar film is unveiled in theaters, we have grown accustomed to spotting (or trying to spot, at least) references to other Pixar films. Whether it is the […]

‘Monsters At Work’ – More Details On The New ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Disney+ Series

We are entering a new era. Disney is making the transition to the world of streaming, which means that its subsidiaries, including Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm will all be along for the ride. The upcoming streaming service, called Disney+, will be a mixture of previously released films and TV shows as well as […]

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