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Greenland Could Melt for Millennia If Warming Stopped Today

But any action to curb climate change today will reduce the speed of future ice loss -- Read more on

Latest COVID Surge Pushes Parents to Next-Level Stress

The new normal this winter is longer drives for kids’ tests, multiday waits for results, drug-store restock alerts and social media tips -- Read more on

How Marine Wildlife can Coexist With Offshore Wind [Sponsored]

Harnessing the wind to blow back emissions is not without its own impacts, so researchers are developing technologies to co-exist with whales and other ocean-dwelling species. -- Read more on

Our Best Bets against COVID

Early studies show that to fight new variants like Omicron boosters are necessary -- Read more on

SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Leave Streaks in Asteroid-Hunting Telescope's Images

Despite efforts to reduce light pollution from the satellites, their disruptions of astronomical observations are increasing at an alarming pace -- Read more on

Ash Blanketing Tonga after Volcano Eruption Creates Health Concerns

Short exposure should not be too harmful, but residents should take precautions where they can -- Read more on

Pig Kidneys Transplanted to Human in Milestone Experiment

Experts predict that such nonhuman-to-human “xenotransplants” may become a viable option within the next decade -- Read more on

Borderline Personality Disorder May Be Rooted in Trauma

A focus on the traumatic origins of an often stigmatized psychiatric diagnosis is inspiring new treatments -- Read more on

New York's Central Park Becomes a Living Climate Laboratory

Scientists will study how rising temperatures affect trees, plants, wildlife and humans who use the park -- Read more on

COVID Threatens to Bring a Wave of Hikikomori to America

We should work to protect others from falling into long-term social withdrawal -- Read more on

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