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Dangerous Tanning Is on the Rise, Suntan Myths Persist

A new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology found a sharp rise in both tanning and number of sunburns last year.

Autism Elopement: Wandering Risk Rises in Summer

Children on the autism spectrum are at risk for “elopement” – or wandering away. And in summer, their risk of drowning rises. Get safety tips.

Living With Lupus: ‘One Day, You Feel Fantastic, Next Day, You Can’t Move’

Living with lupus is unpredictable, and you must learn how to adjust to a chronic illness.

Food Safety Recalls: U.S. System Leaves Consumers Vulnerable

With few federal regulations, it's up to grocery and convenience stores to decide if and when they notify customers about a food safety recall.

Sperm Counts Rebound When Obese Men Shed Pounds

However, men need to keep the weight off to maintain the improved sperm count.

Lower Incomes May Mean Lower Survival After Heart Attack

New research shows that those with lower incomes have significantly lower chances of living through a severe heart event.

Clinical Trial Upgrades Will Open Care Up to More People

For nearly 80 years, clinical trials have formed the backbone of medicine advancing life-saving medications. And despite unquestionable successes, traditional trials still have an enrollment problem.

For Survivors, School Shootings a Lasting and Mean Companion

For children who survive mass shootings, the outcome over the next few days, months and years depends on many factors, but how parents address the trauma both immediately and long-term can make a huge difference, experts say.

A Human Response to Homelessness

Learn how you can reach out and help people who live without shelter in a safe and useful way.

Effectiveness of Antiviral Drugs Against Monkeypox Uncertain

The need to better understand treatments for monkeypox became more urgent this month when more than a hundred new cases were recorded across Europe and North America.

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