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Pandemic-Bored Attackers Pummeled Gaming Industry

Akamai's 2020 gaming report shows that cyberattacks on the video game industry skyrocketed, shooting up 340 percent in 2020.

Critical Palo Alto Cyber-Defense Bug Allows Remote ‘War Room’ Access

Remote, unauthenticated cyberattackers can infiltrate and take over the Cortex XSOAR platform, which anchors unified threat intelligence and incident responses.

REvil Ransomware Code Ripped Off by Rivals

The LV ransomware operators likely used a hex editor to repurpose a REvil binary almost wholesale, for their own nefarious purposes.

Unpatched Linux Marketplace Bugs Allow Wormable Attacks, Drive-By RCE

A pair of zero-days affecting Pling-based marketplaces could allow for some ugly attacks on unsuspecting Linux enthusiasts -- with no patches in sight.

SonicWall ‘Botches’ October Patch for VPN Bug

Company finally rolls out the complete fix this week for a flaw affecting some 800,000 devices that could result in crashes or prevent users from connecting to corporate resources.

BEC Losses Top $1.8B as Tactics Evolve

BEC attacks getting are more dangerous, and smart users are the ones who can stop it.

Cryptominers Slither into Python Projects in Supply-Chain Campaign

These code bombs lurk in the PyPI package repository, waiting to be inadvertently baked into software developers' applications.

Email Bug Allows Message Snooping, Credential Theft

A year-old proof-of-concept attack that allows an attacker to bypass TLS email protections to snoop on messages has been patched.

Kids’ Apps on Google Play Rife with Privacy Violations

One in five of the most-popular apps for kids under 13 on Google Play don't comply with COPPA regulations on how children's information is collected and used.

Lexmark Printers Open to Arbitrary Code-Execution Zero-Day

“No remedy available as of June 21, 2021," according to the researcher who discovered the easy-to-exploit, no-user-action-required bug.

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