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Therapy Time or Play Time?

Play time can easily become therapy time for toddlers. Playing is the way that all babies and toddlers learn about the world around them, that’s why play time is so important. When we work with Kaleb on his speech, we … Continue reading →

Track Meet Sensory Showdown

Last winter we had a sensory showdown at an indoor track meet. It was a little too cold to play outside, so I decide that Haydn and I were going to go to an indoor track meet. That’s right, I said … Continue reading →

Mixing SPD and Type 1 Diabetes

My seven-year-old daughter, Madeline, has Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disorder that has destroyed her pancreas’ ability to produce insulin. She also has Sensory Processing Disorder, which mainly affects her ability to register and respond to vestibular and tactile input. … Continue reading →

GASP!!! Special Ed!

When your child is born, MOST people don’t expect any serious complications or any disabilities. I say most because some people get testing done while they are pregnant that tells them their child will be born with a disability and are … Continue reading →

Jacket Fail: The Ongoing Oddysey of Winter Coat Meltdowns

Just when I think I have Sensory Processing Disorder under control, it rears its ugly head and reminds me who’s boss. With the return of winter comes hats, gloves and the ever-feared winter coat. We have made such phenomenal progress with Vman … Continue reading →

Date Night With my SPD Son

My five year old son, Mr. Sensitive, started Kindergarten this past year. Sensory Processing Disorder, serious anxiety plus Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy made him an “alphabet soup” kid.  SPD + DMD + Anxiety = a stressful year in Kindergarten. Mr. Sensitive’s sensory … Continue reading →

Confessions of a Bad Mom

I’m a bad mom.  I think that about a million times a day.  I think it because I swear at my children under my breath.  A lot.  All with a fake smile plastered on my face.  I think it because … Continue reading →

Voices of SPD October Newsletter

Thank you for the outpouring reaction to the first official month of Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder. We’ve had some amazing pieces published this past month! Be sure to listen and find out how these Voices can help you find … Continue reading →

Mr. Sensitive vs. New Winter Coat

I am a Special Education teacher who blogs about my super-powered special needs family.  My two-year-old has Prader-Willi Syndrome and my four-year-old has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Sensory Processing Disorder.  We’ve hit the genetic lottery big time!  Oh, don’t forget … Continue reading →

Operation Mallrat

Has anyone ever heard of sensory processing disorder? Well,  I sure as hell never did… and when my son, Haydn, was diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder, Asperger Syndrome, we were also informed that Sensory Processing Disorder would most likely … Continue reading →

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