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Forex Today: Swedish Central Bank Set to Hike Rates in April - 27 March 2023

Riksbank’s Thedeen Says Underestimated Inflation; Markets Start Week Quietly; US Treasury Yields Remain Weak

US Interest Rates Rise by 0.25% Despite Banking Crisis - 23 March 2023

The Federal Reserve has increased interest rates in the US by 0.25% for the second successive meeting, amid turmoil in the banking system which might have led to a pause in rate hikes.

Forex Today: Fed Hints at End of Hikes; Stocks and Dollar Drop - 23 March 2023

Fed Hikes Rates by 0.25%, Drops “Ongoing Increases” Language; Stocks Fall But Recover in Asian Session; US Treasury Yields, Dollar Fall

Forex Today: Markets Await Fed Rate Decision - 22 March 2023

Markets Narrowly Expect 0.25% US Rate Hike; Risk Appetite Recovers; Global Stock Markets, US Treasury Yields Rise

Forex Today: Markets Calmer on Absence of Bad Banking News - 21 March 2023

Stock Markets Higher on Improved Risk Sentiment; US Treasury Yields Claw Back Losses; Gold, Bitcoin Hit Long-Term Highs Yesterday

Forex Today: Markets Jittery Despite UBS Takeover of Credit Suisse - 20 March 2023

Takeover Wipes Out $17bn of CS Bonds; US 2-YR Treasury Yield Well Below 4%; Gold, Bitcoin Hit Long-Term Highs; Potential Fed Hike Seen Likely as End of Cycle

Forex Today: SNB Bails Out Credit Suisse - 16 March 2023

Credit Suisse Secures $54bn Loan from Swiss National Bank; Stock Market, Treasury Yields Recover Weakly; ECB Expected to Hike by 0.5% Today; US PPI and Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected

United States Annualized Inflation Falls to 6% - 15 March 2023

US inflation data released yesterday showed a fall to an annualized rate of 6%, as had been widely expected.

Forex Today: US Inflation Falls to 6%, Stocks Make Minor Recovery - 15 March 2023

Annualized US Inflation Falls to 6% as Forecasted; Stock Market, Treasury Yields Recover; US Banking Shares Weak, Charles Schwab Rumoured in Trouble; Bitcoin Hits 9-Month High.

Forex Today: US Inflation Expected to Fall to 6% Today - 14 March 2023

Markets Pricing in No March Rate Hike; US Treasury Yields Plummet; US Dollar Selling Off; Trading in Several Bank Shares Suspended Over SVB Contagion Fears.

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