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48 Impeccable Images to Chew Over

A feast for your eyes with some food for thought.

Wizard Of Oz Was Fueled By Meth And Everybody Hating "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

Jordan Breeding of Cracked and Karl Smallwood of Fact Fiend discuss the utter insanity that was Wizard of Oz behind the scenes. It had everything from meth to forcing children to smoke cigarettes to poison to people getting set on fire to a legitimately brilliant workaround to create one of the greatest practical effects of all time.

50 Wholesome Pics and Memes That Made Us Smile

Take a break from the troubles of the world and look on the wholesome side of life with us.

25 Knowledge Nuggets For Cramming Into Craniums

Got a hungry, hungry hippocampus? Feed your brain these tantalizing trivia tidbits!

Notorious '11Foot8' Bridge Claims Another Victim

Despite years of notoriety and even getting raised up a few extra inches a few years ago, this bridge continues to rack up victims.

27 Pics So Accurate It's Wrong

Pics so right they're wrong.

Truck Passenger Yeets Himself Out of the Window a Split Second Before the Crash

This truck driver struggles to control his big rig and is headed for a nasty wreck. His passenger sees what's coming and bails out of the window.

Spaghetti Life Hack Video Breaks the Internet but We're Not Impressed

Influencers will try just about anything for clicks. Even if it means defiling the holiest of holies, spaghetti and meatballs. But it turns out these viral videos are nothing more than a clever ruse.

The Bizarre Downfall of UFC Veteran Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez, the longest-active UFC fighter in history, has always been a weird guy, but his latest exploits have the entire UFC roster and wider MMA community legitimately worried about him.

37 Dank Memes to Ponder in Your Free Time

Memes have become a huge part of internet culture, comedy, social media, and everyday life. Here's a fresh batch of dank memes hand selected from the interwebs to help you get through your day.

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