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Snapchat now has more Android users than iOS

Snapchat continues to grow, thanks to an improved Android app and interest in its Spotlight feature.

'Call of Duty: Warzone' season 3 update takes Verdansk to 1984

Season three of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone kicks off today.

Twitch is adding threaded replies to chat

In an effort to make all of that chaos more manageable, Twitch is introducing threaded conversations.

Internal Facebook report finds the company bungled its 'Stop the Steal' response

Facebook missed several opportunities to crack down on the “Stop the Steal” movement that fueled the Jan. 6, insurrection at the U.S Capitol, according to an internal report obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Weather and news are coming to the Windows 10 taskbar

The tool creates a shortcut on the taskbar that allows you to check the weather, as well as catch up on the latest news, sports scores and stock prices.

Netflix recruits the Hype House's TikTok megastars for a reality show

Imagine 'The Real World' with social media influencers who already know each other.

Microsoft's Classroom Pen 2 is half the price of its predecessor

Modest design updates accompany the savings.

Facebook will ask users about ‘negative experiences’ in News Feed

Facebook will begin surveying users about the content in their News Feeds, including whether too much political content is contributing “negative experiences.”

YouTube makes it easier for creators to change channel name and profile picture

They can make the switch without affecting their Google account details.

Sony starts rolling out 1080p support for PlayStation Now

Support for 1080p streaming is finally coming to Sony's PlayStation Now service.

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