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How Apple’s new audio subscriptions are upending podcasting

The tech giant has a long, storied history as a podcast platform. But to stay competitive, it’s starting to retreat from the medium’s free and open roots. Back in 2005, an ebullient Apple CEO Steven P. Jobs announced the integration of podcasting into Version 4.9 of its desktop iTunes software, calling podcasting “TiVo for radio.”Read Full Story

‘SNL’ is having a post-Trump renaissance, despite what you may have heard

Elon Musk aside, the spotlight on ‘SNL’ has dimmed since the election. You’re missing a show firing on almost all cylinders. During a chaotic few weeks that saw an Afghanistan troop-withdrawal order, a Republican intra-party cancel-culture fiasco, major shifts in CDC guidelines on COVID-19, and a horrendous tipping point in the Gaza Strip conflict,...

What happened to Halston? The rise and fall of an American fashion icon

Relationships between designers and retailers are now commonplace, but that wasn’t the case in 1983, when Halston signed with JCPenney on a line “for the American people.” Walk into any department store, and you’ll get a sense of the powerful brands built by high-end American designers: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan. They created...

Miller Genuine Draft and the black hole of space advertising

One small step for brand, one giant yawn for mankind. This week Miller Genuine Draft aimed to be the latest brand to launch a seltzer. Just not the brand extension product you can buy at a store. No, Miller was going to launch a seltzer into space.Read Full Story

Should my child get the COVID-19 vaccine? 7 questions answered

A pediatric infectious disease expert explains the latest guidance on young people and the vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration expanded emergency use authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to include adolescents 12 to 15 years of age on May 10, 2021. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention followed with recommendations...

This science-backed growth mindset strategy can boost your success in work and life

The cofounder of Koia says it’s worth remaining curious about what could be better, or could be different if one or a handful of variables were to change. Studies have shown one of the strongest indicators of future success in life is whether you live with a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.Read Full Story

The pandemic may be easing, but I’ll be wearing this Nap Dress long after it’s over

Hill House Home, the dress brand that got me through the quarantine, will also ease me into my post-pandemic social life. As I received my second vaccine shot, it dawned on me that I would soon be able to attend social gatherings again. This spurred the obvious question: What would I wear? For a year and a half, I’ve dressed entirely for myself, in...

Will consumers use products made from captured CO2?

They’ll be happy to use it in plastics, but they have qualms about putting it into food and drinks. Would you drink carbonated beverages made with carbon dioxide captured from the smokestack of a factory or power plant?Read Full Story

Colonial Pipeline hackers: We quit

The DarkSide group, which seemed to get more attention than it bargained for after the pipeline company hack, said it had its servers seized and its funds taken. The DarkSide ransomware group, which was linked to the Colonial Pipeline hack, has announced that it is shutting down operations, reports Krebs on Security.Read Full Story

Gardening saves humanity yet again: Study reveals benefits of growing protein in your backyard

Researchers found that a typical backyard can produce up to 160% of the protein needed in soybeans alone. You might also try chickens or rabbits. Rather than growing daffodils or irises or tulips, you can grow all of your household’s protein right in your backyard. Yes, even if your backyard is neither large nor zoned as a farm.Read Full Story

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