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Is Apple’s chief operating officer its new Jony Ive?

Apple’s storied industrial design team will reportedly answer to COO Jeff Williams after current VP of industrial design, Evans Hankey, departs later this year. Apple is synonymous with its design. But according to a new report from Bloomberg, the company is done with industrial design executives. As Apple’s VP of industrial design, Evans Hankey,...

Alphabet reports disappointing Q4 results, announces new focus on AI

During an earnings call, Google management had a lot to say about its plans to release new AI products and features. Amid a sagging digital ads market and a new threat to its search business from generative AI, Google parent Alphabet reported a drop in earnings from the prior year quarter.Read Full Story

Amazon Q4 earnings: Profit drop worse than expected amid mass layoffs

The Seattle company has been struggling to right-size its business as consumers pulled back from the pandemic-induced move toward online shopping. NEW York (AP) — Amazon on Thursday reported worse-than-expected profits, but its revenue beat expectations boosted by sales in North America businesses and the cloud-computing unit AWS.Read Full Story

The American Dream mall sets its sights beyond traditional retail

Plagued with 15 years of delays, the American Dream mall finally opened in late 2019—only for the Covid-19 pandemic to hit a few months later. Has the retail juggernaut finally found its footing in 2023? Here’s a riddle for connoisseurs of the good life. You hit the slopes in the morning, take in a wine tasting over lunch, then spend the afternoon...

Twitter’s decision to remove free API access could scare off developers for good

Elon Musk’s latest move to boost revenue is likely to be yet another miscalculation that will change Twitter for the worse. Starting next week, Twitter will begin charging for access to the Twitter API—its latest money-making gambit under the leadership of owner Elon Musk. The announcement came late Wednesday night via @TwitterDev, the official Twitter...

Senate Democrats and Biden need to stand up to homophobic attacks on FCC nominee Gigi Sohn

A number of right-wing news outlets are recycling QAnon tropes conflating LGBTQ identity with deviance and predation. Gigi Sohn is gay. She’s also a highly qualified nominee for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with decades of experience as a public interest advocate working on issues of affordable broadband access, net neutrality, and...

‘Mr. Zuckerberg is a capitalist after all’: Meta’s efficiency pledge wins praise from Wall Street

Three months after announcing one of the largest mass layoffs in Big Tech, Facebook’s parent gets fresh attention from investors. Even as brutal tech layoffs were fast becoming the norm last year, Meta’s announcement in November that it would cut 13% of its staff stood out. It remains one of the largest rounds of mass layoffs announced to date, and...

Fanatics hires a former Snap and Google exec to head its new live-shopping division

Nick Bell will be CEO of Fanatics Live, a new business division that will focus on live content-based commerce. Fanatics founder Michael Rubin has built his $31 billion sports retail giant by looking at potential opportunities through the lens of three questions: Is it good for fans? Is it good for Fanatics partners? Is it a big enough business opportunity?Read...

Securing the metaverse: 3 cyber concerns

The metaverse has many potential opportunities, but we must be aware of the security risks and start addressing them now. First appearing as a concept in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 sci-fi cult classic Snow Crash, the metaverse, a completely immersive virtual world, is becoming a reality.Read Full Story

The chumbox is still the dirty design secret of the internet

The bizarre and grotesque images seen in ads at the end of an article aren’t an accident. They are now part of the internet’s native language. My breaking point came when I saw the headline for the 50th or so time: “Diabetes Is Not From Sweets! Meet the Main Enemy of Diabetes.” Only this time, instead of the usual imagery that ran below it—alien-looking...

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