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We are fast food executives: If our industry is to survive, workers need a greater voice

The leaders of pizza chain &pizza argue that workers must be empowered for the fast food industry to continue to function—and a bill under consideration in California could help. The food service industry is in a crisis of our own making. For decades, fast food companies have paid poverty-level wages, created dangerous working conditions, and disrespected...

Starbucks and Carhartt boycott threats show how vaccine mandate decisions are now a tightrope act

Progressive consumers are livid that Starbucks nixed its mandate, while conservatives berate Carhartt for keeping its mandate in place. Last week’s Supreme Court decision struck down President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private companies, but that didn’t make private companies’ vaccine mandates illegal. It just passed the buck to companies, a move...

How Nas is changing the way we think about celebrity NFTs

In a parade of weird, opportunistic celebrity NFTs, the Nas NFTs for “Ultra Black” and “Rare” stand out from the crowd by offering something tangible to fans. The market for non-fungible tokens swelled to $41 billion in 2021. And, broadly speaking, there’s no better way to capture the interest of celebrities than with a lot of easy money.Read Full...

Tripadvisor’s trending destinations show how travel tastes are changing in 2022

Two years into the pandemic, travelers seem more willing to trade rural escapes for big cities. Despite the prolonged haze of the pandemic and the joyless déjà vu of another COVID-gripped winter, worldwide travel continues its slow slog back to life.Read Full Story

Are genetically modified pig parts the future of organ transplants?

A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows how pig organs could soon be used routinely for life-saving transplants in humans. In a new study, researchers and surgeons at the University of Alabama Birmingham were able to successfully transplant a genetically modified pig kidney into the body of a brain-dead human. The surgery adds...

Burned out and isolated: How to get through to your struggling Gen Z workers

Your youngest workers need guidance and support. When my company abruptly left our offices to acclimate to remote work, I initially worried the least about our youngest professionals. I thought that Gen Z, a generation of digital natives, would thrive. It’s surprising, however, to observe that working remotely has been challenging for Gen Zers, who...

How Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot, is bringing the UFC octagon to the blockchain

Dapper Labs is expanding beyond basketball with a new NFT collectible series tied to UFC Strike. UFC fans who have enviously watched basketball fans jump into the nonfungible token (NFT) frenzy via NBA Top Shot—the massively popular blockchain app that allows basketball buffs to buy, trade, and sell NFT “Moments” of, say, a LeBron James dunk—are about...

How to talk about upskilling at a performance review or job interview

So you’ve completed an online course or training. Here’s how to use it as a selling point for that new job or promotion. Did you acquire a new skill or two in the last couple of years? If you answered “yes,” you’re in good company. During pandemic lockdowns, many workers seized an unprecedented opportunity to take time they once spent commuting and...

Ralph Lauren’s Olympic jackets automatically adapt to athletes’ body temp

The material in Ralph Lauren’s jackets reacts to athletes’ body temperatures, keeping them warm regardless of outdoor conditions. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Beijing Olympics, but Ralph Lauren wants to at least ensure that American athletes stay toasty as they march in the opening ceremony.Read Full Story

IRS login makes you take a selfie for this security company you’ve never heard of

The Internal Revenue Service is turning to a private company called to authenticate users to the site. You’ll soon have to prove your identity to a Virginia-based security company called in order to file a return, check tax records, or make payments on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website. Your old username and password credentials—if...

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