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Game Dev Digest Issue #99 - A Peek Behind The Curtains - by Mike Marrone

Game Dev Digest Issue #99 - A Peek Behind The Curtains. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

7 Game Development Tools That I Actually Prefer To Use Often - by Nimisha Agarwal

With game making apps, for instance, all you need is a computer or a smart phone and an idea of the kind of game you want to develop. If you are a gaming enthusiast, coming up with an idea for a game shouldnât be a problem.

Orkward Devlog #4: Narrativ' Stuff - by Joe Clark

In this week's devlog for Orkward, the space ork dating game, I'll be joined by Warboss Skullkrusha for a chat about narrative design.

(User Research) AI designs in Battle royale games - by Yongcheng Liu

Battle royale game has been a popular gerne for many years, and it is still a hot category in the game industry today. Some companies are even rubbing the last wave of bonuses from battle royale category. Is there still chances?

Level of Detail (LOD): Quick Tutorial - by Ruben Torres Bonet

In this blog post, I will show you why, when and how you should use LOD in Unity. Remember, LOD is not only about the poly count.

A Beginner's Guide to Designing Indie Game Store Pages - by Josh Bycer

Marketing is an increasingly important part of game development, and your store page is crucial for getting new people interested in your game. For this post, I'm breaking down the areas you need to focus on when building an attractive store page.

Video Games as a Tourism Promotional tool - by Nicolas Paul

Games have the potential to be an invaluable promotional tool for tourism as they offer the player an in-depth and intimate view of a location. This study measures the Top of mind awareness of players through the use of two surveys and a game playthrough.

Enums in C# and how to cook them - by Tymur Koshel

Itâs hard to find a developer who has never heard about enums. But do you use them correctly? Letâs find out.

A history of game accessibility guidelines - by Ian Hamilton

A look back at the decades long history of game accessibility knowledge sharing

How do you feel about the use of drugs and stimulants in the game in general? What interesting drug mechanics have you come across? - by Paul Salov

I am making a survival simulator and trying to find a balance between simulating real processes in the human body and their convenient game mechanics.

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