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Devlog 6/18/2021

Today I was a bit lost at first. I had to do other stuff for the past couple of days so I was a little late on working on the game. However I managed to fix up a lot of battle stuff, get certain things right, test out a bunch of stuff, etc. Finding one bug took me over an hour, though. But once I found that bug and fixed it, the flow of development...

What interesting drug mechanics have you come across?

Mr. Translator translates well :) The use of drugs within the mechanics of a game should not be something light (because it should only level up a little more), rather they should be used in extreme cases and of course with their respective severe punishment. On the subject of punishments, an extreme reduction of statistics is fine, but the time...

Cute Concept Art!

First concept arts!They are adorable and I can't wait for more <3Made by the talented Bianfu!

Captains and Cannons

The sea is a harsh mistress, unforgiving. All seafarers must yield to the waves of her dark abyss. Her waves of cold tendrils forever changing the seas. She leaves nothing in her wake. Nothing but the black spot. Lifting this curse is a perilous journey that dooms all that sails it. These harsh seas cannot be bested alone. Seadogs stand ready at the...

Don't Miss

Don't Miss is a shoot'em up with progression where you navigate your vessel through the galaxy fighting of spaceships in order to become the best…unfortunatly there's always a worse enemy…and you will eventually die and lose everything…but enjoy life while it lasts.

The beginning

Don't miss is a 2D pixel art game I've been starting to work on. I have a couple of goals with making this blog. Motivate me to developOrganize my thoughts and ideasShare progress and my workflowTrack progress of how quickly or slowly the game is progressingSo what is Don'

Project Bolt

This is a trailer for my upcoming 3d Platform game, Project Bolt. It shows the first world in the game, Connection Shores. Each world in the game has 7 main levels, a boss battle and 4 bonus levels. This is my first ever game, so feedback is very welcomed. I hope you enjoyed the trailer.

2D pixel artist is looking for a team to join

Hello i am a pixel artist who wants to join a team. if you are interested, please​

Code Advice for New Game

Hi All, I am seeking advice, i hope i have come to the correct place, i had inspiration for a game the other day & i'd be honoured if i could get some advice for it: So the inspiration for the game came from when the my boiler broke down & i called the local company, who came in a flash & fixed it, i started conversing with him & got...

What interesting drug mechanics have you come across?

@kseh Thank you for such a detailed answer. I'm planning to implement this mechanic to the plot, especially there will be several randomly generated ones

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