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Pharma’s digital Rx: Quantum computing in drug research and development

Quantum computing’s ability to simulate larger, more complex molecules could be game changing. Pharmaceutical companies should reflect on their strategic stance to this promising new technology now.

Digital health: Can gamification be a winning strategy for disease management?

Sidekick Health is out to show that digital therapeutics programs can help patients more effectively manage their chronic conditions.

Beyond the pandemic: Eight charts on COVID-19 and the next phase of global economic growth

Can the world economy regain more than it lost?

How to future-proof your organization

From project-based work to a lack of hierarchy, the way people work is changing fast. Organizations that plan for the postpandemic world are better able to deliver value—even amid uncertainty.

Author Talks: Mia Bay on traveling Black

In a new book, Mia Bay explores when, how, and why racial restrictions took shape and what it was like to live with them.

The potential for powerhouse Private Brands: an updated view

In the past year, consumers have snapped up private-label goods at grocers. Will this trend last beyond the pandemic? Only if grocers develop a compelling brand strategy and operating model.

The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be

Closing racial gaps across the economy is not only about righting historic wrongs. It is also about choosing a more dynamic future and realizing the full potential of a massively underutilized source of talent, to the benefit of all Americans.

Making supply-chain decarbonization happen

Active supply-chain decarbonization is becoming a license to operate for businesses, but companies aiming to be role models in the fight against climate change must overcome roadblocks along the way.

Getting tangible about intangibles: The future of growth and productivity?

Companies that master the deployment of intangibles investment will be well positioned to outperform their peers.

Cultivated meat: Out of the lab, into the frying pan

Making cultivated meat a $25 billion global industry by 2030 presents opportunities within and beyond today’s food industry.

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