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Introducing the Australian Consumer Loyalty Survey

Consumer-facing organizations in Australia can overcome declining consumer sentiment by investing in their loyalty programs.

Why you can’t tread water when inflation is persistently high

Inflation destroys value across almost every industry. When high inflation is persistent, companies that merely maintain the same margins and returns are likely to destroy value.

Performance through people: Transforming human capital into competitive advantage

A dual focus on developing people and managing them well gives a select group of companies a long-term performance edge.

Disrupting Thailand’s B2B food marketplace: A conversation with Maknet’s Tirayu Songvetkasem

The chief digital officer of a Thai incumbent catering to the food services sector explains how the company’s B2B spin-off combines the best of the start-up and enterprise worlds.

Refurbishing Europe: Igniting opportunities in the built environment

The built environment in Europe will need to transform to achieve the EU’s goals for net-zero emissions. This is challenging but will unlock societal benefits and business opportunities.

European Transformation Summit: Fresh leadership perspectives

European transformation leaders share fresh perspectives based on their real-world experiences. A unifying principle to drive change and a structured approach to execute and sustain it can boost success.

A guide to impact investing in Black economic mobility

Eight socioeconomic pillars can support the growth of Black-owned businesses and increase opportunities for Black communities.

Five ways biopharma companies can navigate the deal landscape

The biopharma investment landscape is changing. Companies that grasp recent macro trends in dealmaking and how they affect deal success could position themselves well for attractive opportunities.

Forward Thinking on how to get remote working right with Nicholas Bloom

“There’s a lot of scare stories in the media saying hybrid doesn’t work,” says a leading economist. “My one piece of advice is just be intentional, be organized. Basically, get folks in on two, three days a week … and be really tough about having them come in. And then let them work from home on the other days.”

News headlines to watch for in 2023

What will lead the headlines in the year ahead? We asked influential journalists in Asia and Europe for their views on the stories that will shape each region. From growth prospects to the net-zero transition and from geopolitical tensions to inflation, their perspectives shed light on the themes we will be seeing in the news.

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