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What separates B2B GTM outperformers in tech and telecom

Our latest global B2B Pulse GTM survey of the tech and telecom sector shows how some outperforming companies are optimizing sales tactics to gain significant market share despite economic uncertainty.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 03:18
Strategies for Saudi Arabia to deliver on its $1 trillion-plus project plan

As Saudi Arabia sets out on one of the world’s most ambitious phases of capital expenditure, tried and tested opportunities can help the country unlock construction project success.

Mon Oct 2, 2023 18:04
Build it and they will come: Talking with Marqeta’s Jason Gardner

The payments company founder shares how he built an industry-disrupting company, why he handed off to a successor, and how he sees the industry’s future.

Mon Oct 2, 2023 18:04
Putting renewable energy within reach: Vietnam’s high-stakes pivot

With conducive conditions, Vietnam’s renewable-energy development could increase exponentially to attract manufacturers and ensure its energy security.

Mon Oct 2, 2023 14:38
There is no ‘one Africa’: How the continent can turn diversity into growth and opportunity

Africa will shortly be home to the world's largest working age population and a burgeoning consumer class; it’s also rich in natural resources. Despite such human capital and natural resources, Africa’s economic growth and productivity has slowed over the past decade. If nations across the continent deploy their diverse strengths, it could help reimagine...

Fri Sep 29, 2023 19:04
How health systems and educators can work to close the talent gap

US health systems could address workforce shortages across a wide range of healthcare roles by setting up their own education entities or partnering with postsecondary-education institutions.

Fri Sep 29, 2023 12:02

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