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Dr. John A. Talbott, Champion of Care for the Mentally Ill, Dies at 88

A psychiatrist and a prolific author, he criticized what he referred to as a “nonsystem” that left vulnerable people on the streets to fend for themselves.

Sun Dec 10, 2023 00:34
R.S.V. Vaccine Is Slow to Reach Its Target: Older Americans

The virus sends up to 160,000 people over 65 to hospitals every year. But just 15 percent have gotten the newly available shots.

Sat Dec 9, 2023 12:12
SmileDirectClub Shuts Down, Months After Filing for Bankruptcy

The telehealth company, which sold teeth alignment devices to two million customers, was unprofitable and had been criticized by medical groups.

Sat Dec 9, 2023 08:05
Fund for Nuclear Waste Exposure Victims in Limbo as Congress Balks at Cost

Bipartisan efforts to extend and expand a program granting compensation to victims of government-caused nuclear contamination are faltering. It is set to expire in June.

Fri Dec 8, 2023 22:29
New Sickle Cell Therapies Will Be Out of Reach Where They Are Needed Most

There is no clear path for African patients to get access to the treatments, which have multimillion-dollar price tags and are highly complex to manufacture and deliver.

Fri Dec 8, 2023 21:27
Genes That Boost Fertility Also Shorten Our Life, Study Suggests

A study of DNA from half a million volunteers supports an old evolutionary theory about why our bodies eventually wear out.

Fri Dec 8, 2023 21:27

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