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More Than 70 Percent of Older U.S. Adults Are Fully Vaccinated

Some counties have blown far past that threshold, getting shots into more than 90 percent of residents 65 and older. Here’s the latest on the virus.

Fernando Tatis Jr. and 2 Yankees Coaches Test Positive for Coronavirus

San Diego’s Tatis was asymptomatic. Phil Nevin, the third-base coach for the Yankees, and Reggie Willits, the first-base coach, tested positive despite being vaccinated.

Baseball in Britain Confronts Issues With Sexism

A sexist tweet, and a refusal to delete it, prompted the general manager of the British women’s national team to resign in protest. The sport wants her back.

How to Roller-Skate Backward

Once you can confidently go forward, it’s time to learn how to skate in reverse.

9 New Books We Recommend This Week

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

Try This Whole-Banana Bread Recipe for Brunch

Bake something that tastes notably better than almost any other banana bread you’ve had before. It’s cocoa-rich, nutty and not too sweet.

A Barcelona Star on Style, Substance and Another Champions League Final

Lieke Martens and Barcelona will face Chelsea on Sunday. Both have their sights set on raising the standard for success in the women’s game.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Was Often Right. Joe Klein on Why It Still Matters.

How a politician who died in 2003 continues to dominate much of today’s political discussion.

Juventus Finds Its Fall Guy in Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo was given a difficult task and failed at it. But if Juventus misses out on next season’s Champions League, it won’t be entirely his fault.

Going on a Scavenger Hunt to Finish Your Kitchen Renovation

Since the pandemic has driven home renovation costs up, how about some secondhand ways to save some money?

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