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Mining Truck Explodes in Ghana, Killing Dozens

The number of dead is not yet known, but the blast flattened structures in a small town and left a large crater.

‘She Was Just Going for a Run’: Anger in Ireland Over Teacher’s Murder

Ashling Murphy, a 23-year-old first-grade teacher, was out jogging when she was attacked. Her death has prompted outrage over women’s safety.

Calling Civilian Casualties a ‘Failure,’ Democrats Urge Biden to Do Better

In a letter to President Biden, dozens of Democrats in Congress raised grave concerns about “repeated civilian casualties arising from secretive and unaccountable lethal operations.”

Voting Rights Bill Dead, Filibuster Alive

The voting rights bill and the filibuster. Also: A Supreme Court ruling; President Biden and Ukraine; Medicare and Covid tests; an American paradox.

Atlanta D.A. Requests Special Grand Jury in Trump Election Inquiry

The prosecutor, Fani T. Willis of Fulton County, Ga., is conducting a criminal investigation of election interference by the former president and his allies.

Pope Francis Is Troubled by Your Pet

On Fido and fruitfulness.

How Young People Are Making Period Products More Sustainable

Young people want alternatives to disposable tampons and pads — and they’re not embarrassed to talk about it.

LaMelo Ball Powers a Surging Charlotte Hornets

Seeking the team’s first playoff appearance since 2016, Charlotte has gone all-in on a guard who can thrill and frustrate on any given play. It’s working so far.

Kamal Mouzawak Is Championing Lebanon's Culinary Traditions

At home and now in Paris, Kamal Mouzawak empowers Lebanese communities through food. Not even the horrific port blast in 2020 has stopped him.

How a Boy in Rural Iceland Became a Tool for Global Fascism

“Red Milk,” a novel by Sjón, examines a young man’s path to neo-Nazism.

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