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Nobel Prizes 2023: Winners List and What to Know

The Nobel Prizes are being announced this week.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:10
Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Scientists for Work on Electrons

The work by this year’s prize recipients concerns electrons in flashes of light.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:01
Here’s What Happens Now That Gaetz Has Moved to Oust McCarthy

The “motion to vacate” that Representative Matt Gaetz put forward on Monday sets up a two-day showdown between the speaker and hard-right Republicans in the House.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:01
In Shipping, a Push to Slash Emissions by Harnessing the Wind

More ships are running on wind power, as the global industry tries to fight climate change. One concept has backing from Abba, the Swedish pop stars.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:01
How Trump’s Idea to Use Military Force in Mexico Became Embraced by GOP

The Republican push to use military force in Mexico against drug cartels started in the Trump White House. He has plans to make the idea a reality in 2025.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:01
A Rural Michigan Town Is the Latest Battleground in the U.S.-China Fight

Firestorms over Chinese investments, like a battery factory in Green Charter Township, are erupting as officials weigh the risks of taking money from an adversary.

Tue Oct 3, 2023 13:01

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