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The Most Overlooked Elements of a Winning Sales Culture That Scales

How do you build a sales culture where winning is the way, not just the end result? Join us for an open, honest conversation with three experienced sales leaders as they share what they’ve learned are the most commonly overlooked techniques to building an enduring culture of winning! The post The Most Overlooked Elements of a Winning Sales Culture...

Curiosity: Your Secret Weapon for More Engaging Sales Emails

  Want to know the one thing you need to increase the open rate on your emails? If you’re still reading, then we’ve just proven it works — curiosity. Creating a sense of curiosity and fascination is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your prospect whether you’re on email, phone, video call, or in-person. In this workshop, the former...

Your Global Sales Playbook: How to Take on International Expansion

Join Globalization Partners’ CRO, Diane Albano, for this session where you will gain expert insight into building a global sales strategy that can dramatically improve the long-term outlook of your company. The post Your Global Sales Playbook: How to Take on International Expansion appeared first on Sales Hacker.

How to Turn Average SDRs to Top Performers

Want to turn more pipeline into revenue? Start by enabling your SDR team. Join these expert sales leaders from Drift, Outreach and Metadata as they share the blueprint for turning average SDRs into top performers. The post How to Turn Average SDRs to Top Performers appeared first on Sales Hacker.

PODCAST 165: How to Transition into Tech Sales from a Non-SAAS Background with Lee Berkman

  In today’s episode, we’ve got Lee Berkman. Lee’s an enterprise account executive at CloudShare, the world’s easiest-to-use virtual labs for software training, sales demos, and POCs. Lee talks about his journey on how he got into tech sales without having a SAAS background and learning how to sell by not being a salesperson. powered by Sounder...

Your 2021 Sales Enablement Platform Buyer’s Guide (+10 Tools to Consider)

If you could spend a day with sales teams from some of the most successful companies in the world, what would you see? Here’s my guess: you’d see a GTM organization working together like a well-oiled machine. They’re all on board – marketing, sales, product, customer success, and executive leaders. Their sales tools are integrated effectively, coaching...

Building Your Own Productivity Process to Make the Most out of Your Workday

  Skipping sleep can only go so far. The amount of productivity you can squeeze out of every hour can drastically impact your earnings, success, and your quality of life as a whole. Scott has spent over a decade refining his productivity process. It’s allowed him to host multiple podcasts, an annual event, publish books, stay fit, spend time with...

How B2B GTM Teams Win and Expand Key Tier 1 Accounts with ABM

Sales and marketing teams start their account-based sales (ABS) and account-based marketing (ABM) programs with strategic intentions. They focus on their ideal customer profile. They target those that are in-market and those that should be showing intention. They’re watching those accounts that are trending and consuming their content. But then...

Navigating Your Early Career with Stephanie Middaugh

“Be the woman you needed as a little girl.” Stephani Middaugh, Sr. Sales Enablement Manager of Programs at Zoom, saw this quote and it stuck with her in a special way. It was an aha moment, and it inspired her to take action. Now on a regular basis, Stephanie shares the more personal things about herself that make people feel like they’re not...

PODCAST 164: Freelancer to Founder: Sales Lessons from the Journey with Kyle Racki

  In this episode, Kyle Racki, co-founder and CEO of Proposify, talks about how his upbringing helped his sales career, the journey from being a freelancer to a founder, and how to create and maintain a competitive advantage. powered by Sounder   If you missed episode 163 check it out here: Objections? You’ve Already Lost the Deal with...

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