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“We’re still gonna say no”: UnitedHealthcare’s effort to deny coverage to chronically ill patient

A college student's fight to get coverage exposed the insurer’s hidden procedures for rejecting claims

20 Republican AGs threaten to go after CVS and Walgreens if they sell abortion pills

More than a dozen attorneys general sent a threatening letter to the chains, citing a law from 1873

"Is anyone surprised I'm being targeted?": House GOP boots Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

"I didn't come to Congress to be silent," Omar said in a floor speech

"It looks to me like that's a felony": Election expert says Kari Lake could face jail over tweet

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes referred the matter for investigation to the state attorney general

New studies find that ultraprocessed foods can cause cancer and cancer-related deaths

We know that "junk foods" can wreak havoc on the body, but a new study shows the harm they may cause

Tucker Carlson makes racist “joke” about George Floyd while covering Tyre Nichols killing

"White racism is getting harder to find," the Fox News host claimed during the segment

Video shows George Santos fume as he's confronted with FBI investigation into alleged dog scam

FBI investigates Santos' role in alleged GoFundMe scheme for veteran's dying dog

Déjà Vuniverse: Why some physicists believe we could be living in a Groundhog Day universe

Is the Big Bang simply a repeating life cycle of the universe? Why some astronomers think we’re in a cosmic loop

Idaho Republican wants kids to "work to earn" their school lunch

Idaho State Rep. Ron Mendive pitched solving local schools' budget problems by putting students to work

Death in Memphis: Racism, dehumanization and the corrosion of America

I've covered the police on and off for 40 years. I've never seen anything like the killing of Tyre Nichols

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