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You can celebrate Captain Picard Day in 'Star Trek Fleet Command' right now

The mobile "Star Trek" game "Star Trek Fleet Command" is boldly offering a one-week celebration of Jean-Luc Picard this week.

US Postal Service releases 'Sun Science' stamps with NASA imagery

USPS released "Sun Science," a collection of 10 colorful stamps celebrating the study of heliophysics using imagery from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Playmobil has an epic Star Trek USS Enterprise playset coming soon: report

Playmobil will apparently release an epic Star Trek USS Enterprise playset from the Original Series in September.

Hooded Horse unveils 3 new space strategy games in at E3. Here's their 1st trailer.

Three new space strategy games from Hooded Horse were unveiled at the E3 games expo this week with an exclusive, brand-new trailer.

NASA commemorates Juneteenth with historic view from space

NASA is commemorating Juneteenth on Saturday (June 19) with a historic view from space.

This week on the forums: Questioning dark matter, exploring space and a last chance to win!

The community ponders about the most important questions in space exploration and interrogates dark matter.

Turkey aims to send rocket to moon in three years, land lunar rover by 2030

Turkey plans to send a rover to the moon by the end of the decade using a domestically built rocket engine that will first fly to the moon in a test mission in 2023.

Dark matter is putting the brakes on our Milky Way galaxy's spin

The rotation of the Milky Way bar has slowed by almost a quarter since its formation.

Space startup Launcher to fly an orbital platform filled with CubeSats on a SpaceX rocket in 2022

Fresh off a nearly $12 million funding round, startup space company Launcher announced a new satellite platform to carry stacks of CubeSats into space.

Incredibly powerful megaflares from young stars are common, study shows

Young stars can release flares more powerful than our sun's largest on record once a week, according to a massive new analysis of stellar activity.

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