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SpaceX inks first Space Force deal for government-focused Starshield satellite network

Image: The Verge SpaceX has won its first contract with the US Space Force to provide satellite communications via Starshield, Bloomberg reports. Announced last December, SpaceX describes Starshield as a “secured satellite network for government entities,” offered alongside its civilian-focused Starlink satellite internet...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 18:44
Microsoft is testing low-carbon concrete for its data centers

A worker smooths a sample of concrete mix in a canister that contains materials to lower the overall embodied carbon in concrete. | Image: Dan DeLong for Microsoft To clean up some of the pollution stemming from its supply chain and data centers, Microsoft is experimenting with new kinds of concrete. Cement, a key ingredient...

Thu Sep 28, 2023 18:04
eBay accused of selling hundreds of thousands of harmful polluting products

Image: Getty Online auction site eBay was accused of selling “hundreds of thousands” of dangerous polluting products, in a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice on Wednesday. The complaint alleges that eBay sold 343,000 aftermarket defeat devices, which illegally subvert motor vehicle emission controls in violation...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 20:58
Young people are suing Europe’s governments over climate change

Young Portuguese citizens (C) arrive at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France, for a hearing in a climate change case against 32 countries, on September 27th, 2023.  | Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP via Getty Images A groundbreaking climate hearing went down today in the European Court of Human...

Wed Sep 27, 2023 19:11
Microsoft is going nuclear to power its AI ambitions

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, speaks during an interview in Redmond, Washington, on Wednesday, March 15th, 2023. | Image: Chona Kasinger / Bloomberg via Getty Images Microsoft thinks next-generation nuclear reactors can power its data centers and AI ambitions, according to a job listing for a principal program manager...

Tue Sep 26, 2023 17:39
Techno-fixes to climate change aren’t living up to the hype

Illustration by Hugo Herrera / The Verge An updated road map for combating climate change pours cold water on the idea that unproven technologies can play a major role in averting disaster. Today, the International Energy Agency (IEA) updated its road map for the energy sector to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions...

Tue Sep 26, 2023 08:00

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