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New Jersey man arrested on suspicion of throwing Molotov cocktail at New Jersey synagogue

An arrest has been made in the attempted firebombing Sunday of a New Jersey synagogue with a Molotov cocktail.

Hamline makes list of '10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech' after Islamophobia uproar

Hamline University was named one of the nation's worst colleges for free speech after punishing an adjunct professor who showed a historic painting of the Prophet Muhammad in class, but the Minnesota college wasn't the only offender.

Ex-Guatemalan police chief found guilty of visa fraud charges after lying about murder convictions

A former Guatemalan chief of police was found guilty of visa fraud charges after omitting two prior murder convictions on his U.S. green card application, federal prosecutors revealed Monday.

Police: 'High chance' of Hollywood mass shooting prevented

A "high chance" of a mass shooting in Hollywood was thwarted Tuesday by police seizing a cache of guns and ammunition in a high-rise apartment where several rifles were pointed toward a nearby park, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Inflation bites into Super Bowl snacks

Hosting a Super Bowl party will cost more this year thanks to inflation's impact on grocery prices, a new marketing report found.

Twitter shutting down free access to its public data

Starting next week, Twitter users will have to pay to access the company's public data.

Coffee, tea or chew toy? Air travel going to the dogs

Air travel's always been stressful for some passengers, but if you're hearing more growling on planes these days, it's probably not your imagination: The number of dogs flying with owners is on the rise.

A dozen squirrel monkeys stolen from Louisiana zoo

Intruders absconded with 12 of the 38 squirrel monkeys held at Zoosiana in Broussard, Louisiana, last weekend, the zoo announced Monday.

Vermont man dies after brawl at middle school basketball game

A man died Tuesday after joining in a melee that broke out at a middle school boys' basketball game in northern Vermont.

Psychedelic churches in U.S. pushing boundaries of religion

The tea tasted bitter and earthy, but Lorenzo Gonzales drank it anyway. On that frigid night in remote Utah, he was hoping for a life-changing experience, which is how he found himself inside a tent with two dozen others waiting for the psychedelic brew known as ayahuasca to kick in.

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