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I mean he’s not wrong. The post Vocation appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

In Progress

This GTA6 leak has been a firm reminder that a lot of people seem to have little to no practical concept of what goes into making a lot of things they enjoy. The fact that somebody leaked all this stuff is unfortunate on its own (it benefits nobody but the leaker looking to garner some clout), but watching people nitpick and criticize a product that...

Social Networking

One of my favorite parts about Total Warhammer is that due to the varying ways the AI behaves, even running the same starting faction/location can result in very different games. You may have a strong opponent in one game that gets wiped out quickly before you even meet them in the next one. This means who is friends with who can also be different,...


…makes the dream work. The post Teamwork appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Squid Games

Splatoon 3 is a blast. When you can actually play a match. It seems not even Nintendo was prepared for the massive success of the game, because I’d say one out of every three online matches I play ends early due to a disconnected player. Connection errors are running rampant, and while that’s not unheard of in a wildly popular online game its first...

Hype Man

I am so over these big developer “events” with nothing real to show. If you want to get me hyped, show me why I should be hyped. If your game is so early in the pipeline that it doesn’t even have a name yet, perhaps its too early for the whole dog and pony show. This weekend’s big “Ubisoft Forward Showcase” made such a big deal about what’s happening...

Crossing Hairs

Happy Friday! I thought I’d start the weekend by trying to rile everyone up in a debate. Do you consider using a crosshair overlay (adding a center dot to your aim where the game doesn’t include one) cheating? Personally, I’d put this one in the cheating column. On the cheating scale, it’s definitely one of the most benign cheats, (I’d argue...


I love me some Total Warhammer, you know this. However it occurred to me yesterday, as I restarted my Ogre campaign from scratch, that I think I have restarted every campaign I have played in the franchise (at least in Mortal Empires/Immortal Empires; the “story” campaigns are usually small and straightforward enough that even if you fumble the...


Back to school time. The post Murderers appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Double Standard

The post Double Standard appeared first on Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

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