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Silicon Valley Bank: When Success Fails

Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you learn who has been swimming naked,” which seems appropriate right now. With the period of easy and plentiful money in the rearview mirror, we see cracks within some banks agitating the investment markets. At first, it was one bank tied to the crypto ecosystem. Next, it was a bank that...

China Booms and KraneShares ETFs Benefit  

While recent top 10 performing ETFs of the past few weeks have been dominated by strategies in crypto or tied specifically to volatility, this week, it’s China’s turn. The massive East Asian economy was the focus of about half of the top ten performing ETFs of the last week, excluding leveraged strategies, with KraneShares ETFs on the receiving end...

Rosenbluth on Ultra-Short ETFs and More on “ETF IQ”

In the latest episode of Bloomberg’s ETF IQ, Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Katie Greifeld, and Eric Balchunas spoke with VettaFi’s head of research Todd Rosenbluth, and BNY Mellon Investment Management’s Stephanie Pierce about the latest in the banking sector.

Model Portfolios: Finding the Right Fit for Clients

Model portfolios can be powerful tools — leveraging research, market insights, and years of experience, these asset manager-crafted offerings save time for advisors to focus on clients. But how should advisors break into the world of model portfolios for clients — and which clients might be most open to working with an advisor to use them? That’s the...

An Investment Case for the Energy Transition Portfolio

The energy transition portfolio is an attractive investment opportunity as it capitalizes on both sides of the transition.

Add Duration to Your Portfolio

Amid the Federal Reserve’s interest rate-hiking campaign that it kicked off in 2022, many advisors have turned to cash and cash equivalents bonds. Since cash and short-duration securities are less sensitive to interest rate increases, the strategy has worked so far. However, what worked in the past may not work so well again in the future, and with...

Client Portfolios May Need an Inflation Hedge

While the latest inflation report showed consumer price gains modestly eased in February, we believe it’s still too early to leave client portfolios without an inflation hedge.

Consider Low Volatility ETF LVOL With Volatility Rising

Volatility took center stage last week, with increasing investor interest in strategies enabling investors to express a view on a market beset by a simmering bank crisis and, of course, the Fed’s ongoing war on inflation. That said, not all investors want to ride a leveraged or short strategy tied to the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s CBOE Volatility...

While Financials Are in Focus, Many ETFs Differ

Though financials are 13% of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY A), roughly half the size of the information technology sector, it has been the focus throughout March. Between the regional bank failures, the efforts by the government and larger banks to restore confidence including increased borrowing from the Federal Reserve’s discount window, the impact...

Millennial and Gen Z Spending Habits May Power This ETF

Millennials and Gen Z are the most tech-savvy generations in history, and that trait is highly relevant to these groups’ discretionary spending habits.

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