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Kremlin-backed actors spread disinformation ahead of US elections

Enlarge (credit: da-kuk/Getty) Kremlin-backed actors have stepped up efforts to interfere with the US presidential election by planting disinformation and false narratives on social media and fake news sites, analysts with Microsoft reported Wednesday. The analysts have identified several unique influence-peddling groups...

Thu Apr 18, 2024 01:11
Boston Dynamics’ new humanoid moves like no robot you’ve ever seen

Enlarge / The new, all-electric Atlas. (credit: Boston Dynamics) The humanoid robotics market is starting to heat up, and the company that's been doing this the longest isn't going to sit by and watch. Boston Dynamics has a new humanoid robot that the company says represents a path to commercialization. It's the company's...

Thu Apr 18, 2024 01:11
Feds appoint “AI doomer” to run US AI safety institute

Enlarge (credit: Bill Oxford | iStock / Getty Images Plus) The US AI Safety Institute—part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)—has finally announced its leadership team after much speculation. Appointed as head of AI safety is Paul Christiano, a former OpenAI researcher who pioneered a foundational...

Thu Apr 18, 2024 00:04
Billions of public Discord messages may be sold through a scraping service

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) It's easy to get the impression that Discord chat messages are ephemeral, especially across different public servers, where lines fly upward at a near-unreadable pace. But someone claims to be catching and compiling that data and is offering packages that can track more than 600 million users...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 22:58
Bodies found in Neolithic pit were likely victims of ritualistic murder

Enlarge / Three female skeletons found in a Neolithic storage pit in France show signs of ritualistic human sacrifice. (credit: . Beeching/Ludes et al., 2024) Archaeologists have discovered the remains of two women in a Neolithic tomb in France, with the positioning of the bodies suggesting they may have been ritualistically...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 22:58
Climate damages by 2050 will be 6 times the cost of limiting warming to 2°

Enlarge (credit: Frame Studio) Almost from the start, arguments about mitigating climate change have included an element of cost-benefit analysis: Would it cost more to move the world off fossil fuels than it would to simply try to adapt to a changing world? A strong consensus has built that the answer to the question...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 22:58

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