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Top 15+ unhinged customer reviews: 'I ate the whole bar of soap and I don't feel any different'

You can learn more about people's lives from their online customer reviews than anywhere else. When people review products online, they are less concerned with how they are personally coming across and, if it's a negative review, are more concerned with airing out their grievances, thereby allowing their true personas to shine through. You can't get...

Thu Apr 18, 2024 00:09
'We played chicken and won': Startup employees rise up against CEO's new office hours

The new CEO of a startup had a brilliant idea: why not make every employee work from 9 AM to 6 PM with no exceptions? There are benefits to working hourly and for working salaried. With hourly jobs, you better make sure you're on time, down to the second. Lots of retail or restaurant jobs depend on their workers being there on the dot, and there are...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 22:46
Group project slackers shocked to receive failing grade, while their hard-working teammates performed well: 'I got an A in the class'

Everyone's greatest fear when it comes to working on a group project is the group of people with whom you'll be working. If you're a type A person, you will likely fear having to do all of the work yourself. If you're a slacker, you will likely wonder how much you can get away with based on the work ethic of your partners. The unfortunate reality is...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 22:38
20+ Funniest AI Memes for Those Who Check the 'I'm not a robot' Box

Some people work in jobs that are simply too important to be replaced by AI, and some people work in jobs that they absolutely know AI can do much better. Nurses are probably always going to be human (but who knows), but a content writer who writes about funny memes on the internet? well… Okay but, with all seriousness, even though AI still has a way...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 21:02
'Never paid a cent': Witty student calls the university's bluff, breaking the parking permit system by refusing to pay for tickets

Parking permits are a scam in college. Schools know that broke students are barely scraping together enough pocket change to eat instant noodles every night, so why not squeeze out an extra $300 per semester to allow them to park on campus? Clearly, it's a luxury to park your car half a league from your classroom, but not one that every student can...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 20:14
20+ Overcooked and majorly messy food fails

Food fails happen to all of us at some point. At least, I hope they do. I burnt an entire tray of bacon yesterday, and I'm a perfectly good chef who's nearly 30 years old. I put some bacon in the oven for 14 minutes at 400 degrees, thanks to the fastest Google search results. I was also making some scrambled eggs and pancakes at the same time, and,...

Wed Apr 17, 2024 19:16

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