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A Friday Fumble Marks Market “Confusion”

Stocks sold off Friday with the Dow posting its worst week since October, and one of the traders thinks market action since the Fed meeting is a real head-scratcher. What’s got him so confused. Plus, is it time to buy into some of the most beaten down names of the week? We find out in a good ol’ fashioned game of Trade It or Fade It!?

Fast Money - 06/17/21

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed.

When Doves Cry...The Market Falls

The Federal Reserve signals a major shift in policy and suggests it’s getting ready to start raising rates again. Stocks tumbled and yields jumped on the news. How the traders are playing the moves. Plus GM is getting even more charged up. What CEO Mary Barra is planning for the automaker’s EV future.

What the Most Crowded Trade Says About Inflation

Commodities surpassed Bitcoin as the most crowded trade in June, according to the latest Bank of America Fund Manager Survey. But does this mean a peak in commodity prices, and how will that affect the Fed ahead of its decision tomorrow? Plus, MicroStrategy has made some big bets on Bitcoin. CEO Michael Saylor joins to talk about the moves.

S&P Hits New Record Ahead of the “Most Important Fed Meeting” of Powell’s Tenure

The S&P and Nasdaq inched to new highs to start the week, but all eyes are on the Fed, which begins its two day meeting tomorrow. How will the central bank respond to the latest read on inflation, and what will it all mean for the markets? Plus Maroon 5 getting in on the NFT and crypto crazes with its latest album. We’re joined by the band’s Jesse...

A big warning for the bond market, and a critical moment for Cathie Wood

10-year bond yields touched their lowest level since early March today, and the Chart Master says there’s a bigger collapse coming. Carter Worth lays out his case for where rates are going from here. Plus Cathie Wood’s flagship ARK Innovation ETF is at a critical juncture. Where the traders see the growth trade going from here.

What Inflation Fears? S&P Notches Record Close Despite Soaring Prices

The Consumer Price Index rose in May at its fastest pace since the financial crisis, but markets seemed to shrug off inflation concerns, with the S&P closing at a record high and bond yields falling. The traders dig in to what the market is saying. Plus the Reddit trade went bust on Thursday as a regulatory crackdown looms large. What it means for...

Did UPS just deliver the real read on inflation? And digging in to the “naked short” issue

UPS shares dropping on Wednesday after the company issued a big warning on margins. So are rising cost pressures a sign that inflation is a bigger problem than the market realizes? Plus “naked shorting” has become a hot-button issue with the Reddit crowds. But is it really happening, and what can be done about it?

Bitcoin goes bust, and could the latest COVID variant hit U.S. retail?

Bitcoin prices falling to their lowest level since February as the crypto’s role in the Colonial Pipeline hack raises the threat of increased regulation. Plus, could a shipping backlog caused by the latest variant of the coronavirus take a bite out of the U.S. retail world, just as the consumer is finding his footing again?

The Apes Go Bananas, Sending AMC and Other Momentum Stocks Surging

AMC shares jumped another 15% to start the week even as the SEC says it’s watching the potential disruption being caused by trading in the so-called “Meme Stocks.” Plus a historic decision on Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s treatment, and all the headlines from Apple’s WWDC.

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