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S3 Ep84: Government demand, Mozilla velocity, and Clearview fine [Podcast]

Latest episode - listen now!

Who’s watching your webcam? The Screencastify Chrome extension story…

When you really need to make exceptions in cybersecurity, specify them as explicitly as you can.

Poisoned Python and PHP packages purloin passwords for AWS access

More supply chain trouble - this time with clear examples so you can learn how to spot this stuff yourself.

Clearview AI face-matching service fined a lot less than expected

The fine has finally gone through... but it's less than 45% of what was originally proposed.

Mozilla patches Wednesday’s Pwn2Own double-exploit… on Friday!

That was quick! 48 hours from exploit report to published patch.

Microsoft patches the Patch Tuesday patch that broke authentication

Remember the good old days when security patches rarely needed patches? Because security patches themlelves were rare enough anyway?

US Government says: Patch VMware right now, or get off our network

Find and patch. Right now. If you can't patch, get it off the network. Right now! Oh, and show us what you did to comply.

S3 Ep83: Cracking passwords, patching Firefox, and Apple vulns [Podcast]

Latest episode - listen now!

Pwn2Own hacking schedule released – Windows and Linux are top targets

What's better? Disclose early, patch fast? Or dig deep, disclose in full, patch more slowly?

Apple patches zero-day kernel hole and much more – update now!

You'll find fixes for numerous kernel-level code execution holes, including an 0-day vulnerability in many (though not all) versions.

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