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Federal department fired 49 employees who received COVID benefit for people who lost their jobs due to pandemic

CERB was designed in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to pay $500 per week to Canadians who lost their job because of lockdowns

Survivors of 2017 mass shooting at Quebec City mosque asked Amira Elghawaby to apologize to Quebecers

A mosque leader worried that such comments might quash some of the progress made for the Muslim community in Quebec in recent years

Conservatives push Liberal government for bail reform to address 'violent crime wave'

Justice Minister David Lametti countered that he will be convening an emergency meeting shortly with the provinces and territories regarding bail

No cards, no candy: Ontario school bans Valentine's Day, arguing it harms equity goals

'While we acknowledge the celebration of Valentine’s Day, and are mindful of the popularity of that day, it is not celebrated by all students'

Couple leaves baby at airport check-in after ticket misunderstanding

The baby was left in its stroller by the desk as the couple carried on to passport control, airport staff told local press

MAID expansion to the mentally ill to be delayed one year under new bill

Justice Minister David Lametti says he wants to ensure everything is in place before the program is expanded

Kitchen renos are big jobs

FIRST READING: Dairy farmer decries mandatory 'milk dumping' to keep prices high

At a time of generationally high grocery prices, Ontario farmer Jerry Huigen is required to destroy 30,000 litres of excess production

A quarter of Canadian grocery stores won’t accept cash in five years, report suggests

The convenience of going cashless at the grocery store comes with a privacy cost, according to a new study from Dalhousie University's Agri-Food Analytics Lab

Russian refugee says Canada deporting him to face fighting in Ukraine or torture in jail

Canada has dismissed the Russian Muslim's fears about being used as 'cannon fodder' on the front lines by relying on an old article from the RT propaganda outlet

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