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Benefits of Outsourcing Conversion Rate Optimization

Does your digital marketing agency provide conversion rate optimization (CRO) to clients? CRO is a great service to offer. It helps businesses pinpoint which marketing channels drive the most conversions and the small changes they can make to maximize their conversion rates.  Many companies are willing to pay a lot of money to...

Sun Jul 14, 2024 22:22
Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing

Did you know that globally, 30% of marketers cite email marketing as having the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels? Maybe that’s because 92% of online adults use email and 88% of users check their inbox more than once a day. But getting an email isn’t the same as opening it or taking action: 50% of people...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 22:17
What is Parasite SEO?

Have you been wondering why your target keywords don’t get much organic traffic despite your best efforts? It might be time to look beyond traditional SEO methods and explore something a bit unconventional, yet potentially powerful. This is where parasite SEO comes into play. The idea is that these “host” platforms can help propel your...

Thu Jul 11, 2024 22:01
Complete Guide to Performing SEO Audits

You’ve set up your website, and it’s looking good at first, but then your engagement and your traffic are falling. Wondering what’s going on? You’re not alone.  According to Ahrefs, 96.55 percent of content gets no organic traffic from Google. If you’re panicked, don’t be. An SEO site audit can reveal common issues that might be...

Wed Jul 10, 2024 22:55
AI Influencers: Exploring the Rise of Virtual Influencers

Influencers have long been at the forefront of social media, shaping trends and driving consumer behavior with their content—carving out an industry valued at over $20 billion. But now, the influencer landscape is shifting thanks to the emergence of AI influencers.  AI influencers like Lil Miquela and Lu of Magalu are not just virtual...

Mon Jul 8, 2024 22:12
Optimizing Product Variations for SEO

Ever noticed how that t-shirt on your favorite online store comes in a rainbow of colors and a range of sizes? How about the different specs on that sleek laptop? Those are product variations, and they’re everywhere in the e-commerce world. However, these variations are not only great for offering choices to your customers. When optimized...

Sun Jul 7, 2024 22:22

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