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GPT-3’s free alternative GPT-Neo is something to be excited about

GPT-Neo performs on par with GPT-3 on several key benchmarks, but unlike GPT-3, it's open to anyone who wants to use it.Read More

For gaming conferences, the future is hybrid

How does the industry sidestep the impacts of COVID-19 and continue innovate and generate leads? With virtual events.Read More

Adopting zero trust architecture can limit ransomware’s damage

The key lesson coming out of Colonial Pipeline's ransomware debacle is that enterprises should adopt zero trust to protect data and networks.Read More

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker adds the Reaper job

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker debuted its second new job class today during the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Fest today.Read More

E3 2021 has already begun | GB Decides 196

It feels like E3 has already begun, so the GamesBeat Decides crew decides to use this episode to get the bad news out of the way.Read More

Talend: 36% of business leaders don’t rely on data to make decisions

Data may be the new oil, but many business leaders don't trust their data, don't know how to use it, and don't rely on it to make decisions.Read More

The RetroBeat: Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is my NES guilty pleasure

Look, I just love theme parks, and any experience that makes me feel like I'm in one makes me happy.Read More

New deep learning model brings image segmentation to edge devices

AttendSeg is a new neural network architecture from DarwinAI designed to perform image segmentation on low-power/capacity computing devices.Read More

AI Weekly: How to implement AI responsibly

Implementing AI responsibly requires involving all stakeholders in the development, design, deployment, and maintenance phases.Read More

The difference between CX and DX and why they matter in ecommerce

Customer experience (CX) and digital transformation (DX) are not synonymous, and they are both crucial to merchant success.Read More

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