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How Dangerous is this Summer for Ukraine?

Mike Kofman dropped by War on the Rocks HQ to update us on the war, drawing on his findings from his recent field study in Ukraine. They discuss the state of the front (and why developments at the front might be less important than before), mobilization, China’s role as a gateway and supplier for Russia, the debate over Ukraine using U.S. weapons for...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 18:31
The Adversarial

Welcome to The Adversarial. Every other week, we’ll provide you with expert analysis on America’s greatest challengers: China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and jihadists. Read more below. *** China Recent events have highlighted the increasingly global nature of U.S.-Chinese competition and China’s growing security presence in Latin America as one facet...

Sat Jul 13, 2024 00:00
Back to the Basics: How Many People Are in the People’s Liberation Army?

The People’s Liberation Army is often described as “the largest military in the world.” But depending on who you ask and what you count, the details are murky and confusing. The deeper one dives into the numbers, the more complicated the picture gets, and the greater the differences between the Chinese and U.S. systems become. Though many recent reforms...

Fri Jul 12, 2024 10:37
Salami Tactics in the Shadow of Major War

Rick sits down with Richard Maass, the author of “Salami Tactics: Faits Accomplis and International Expansion in the Shadow of Major War,” to discuss how powerful countries can use repetitive, limited acts of aggression to expand influence while avoiding potential escalation. Image: Mstyslav Chernov The post Salami Tactics in the Shadow of Major War...

Fri Jul 12, 2024 09:08
Rewind and Reconnoiter: What is Europe’s Place in Sino-American Competition? with Luis Simón

In 2019, Luis Simón wrote “What Is Europe’s Place in Sino-American Competition?” where he examined the feasibility of Europe’s geopolitical equidistance between the United States and China amidst constant competition. Given the intensifying rivalry between China and the United States, we invited Luis back to expand on his initial thoughts. Read more...

Thu Jul 11, 2024 20:30
In Brief: What Will Labour’s Victory in the United Kingdom Mean for the World?

Last week, the United Kingdom’s Labour Party won a landslide victory in general elections, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule in the country. We asked four experts to tell us more about how this victory might affect Britain’s foreign and security policy and its alliances with partners around the world. Read more below. Ian Bond Deputy Director...

Wed Jul 10, 2024 20:31

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